Car is the freezing point of antifreeze? Replace the antifreeze is how

by:DEFUS     2020-06-23
Automobile antifreeze can prevent cold season parking when coolant freezes and burst radiator and freezing engine cylinder block, but we have to correct a misunderstanding, antifreeze is not only in winter, summer is also necessary to add antifreeze. And everybody about the next car the freezing point of antifreeze is how much? Replace the antifreeze is how? Car how much is the freezing point of antifreeze is how many degrees the general local. The general original car. Freezing temperatures of minus 45 degrees in the basic index of antifreeze is freezing point and boiling point. Normally, chooses the freezing point of antifreeze generally should be lower than the local minimum temperature above 10 ℃, in case the weather mutations. Such as the Great Wall lubricating oil production multi-effect fangdongye, its freezing point range in - 25 ℃ to - Between 50 ℃, can meet the demand of vehicle antifreeze most area of northern China. - - - - - - What size of antifreeze - 15 ℃ to choose - - - - - - The freezing point of antifreeze is - on the market 15℃、- 25℃、- 30℃、- 40 ℃ and so on several kinds of specifications, the general should choose minimum temperatures lower than the region above 10 ℃ advisable. In the winter should choose to use a low freezing point of antifreeze, the lower the freezing point, the stronger the antifreeze antifreeze performance. General choice for freezing - in Beijing Antifreeze of 30 ℃. Loader equipped with diesel engine and its oil cooling system is water cooled, double variable system for the air-cooled engine oil cooling way. In the north cold area, especially the temperature reaches below 0 ℃, cooling water should be protected from freezing, otherwise it will cause the cooling system is out of order, economic losses to the user. Winter, therefore, should be paid attention to when using the loader: after downtime, should immediately open the water tank, engine block and the place such as diesel engine oil cooler water switch; On a warm wind, Air conditioning) Device of loader, winter should make when using the warm wind, Air conditioning) Remain the state of opening device of hot and cold water pipe; If the downtime is not long, diesel engine can run idle ( In the period of diesel engine, can't run idle for a long time) ; Conditional user can use antifreeze, antifreeze can according to the local minimum temperature preparation on its own. Replace the antifreeze is how 1, check: before completely replace the antifreeze, to do a comprehensive inspection, look at all the trace of the pipeline is wrong, if there is a crack, the key is to check the five-way pipe, bottom bracket because there are five named connect the parts of the interface, antifreeze is after through the bottom bracket, are assigned to different part of the role of car. If there is a leak phenomenon of antifreeze, this part should be replaced according to the situation or to fixed interface. 2, water: will the old fangdongye, clean with clear water after the liquid channel. Will join the antifreeze added water tank, and then into the pot into the water, making water continuously flows through the engine cooling system, and then the car idle 3 to 5 minutes, let the water cycle. Began to flow of water from the tank is a little light pink, continue to inject water, until out of the water is clean. Pay attention to don't forget to warm wind pipe down, put the water heater tank clean. 3, a new solution: water for about 1 hour later, the new antifreeze by tank ( The radiator) Conduit to join, this is the way to make antifreeze fast into the tank. Then to add another bucket of antifreeze antifreeze cans, added to the antifreeze cans full of fast, in 10 minutes or so, at this time due to rule out the part of the air cooling system, liquid level, then add antifreeze, filling liquid storage tank at the highest mark 'MAXT'. More about 'the automobile antifreeze freezing point is how much? Replacement method is how to 'all contents of the antifreeze, hope useful for everyone.
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