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by:DEFUS     2020-04-11
About car maintenance cycle, actually everybody after car, will get the guarantee of product quality 'and' operating instructions ', in the operation instruction handbook 'the use of detailed considerations and maintenance method, new car owners should be read carefully to ensure that the use of the vehicle is in good condition. In fact, car maintenance cycle is mainly decided by three factors: the accessories of production technology, technology, driving habits and conditions of use. So car maintenance cycle cannot treat as the same: to look much more open more frequently, some owners driving mileage working day to and from work, weekend go out to play, driving mileage is much, so you can according to the range to maintain, for example, 5000 kilometers, ten thousand kilometers, 1. 50000 km, etc. Open less time another owner, car only on the weekend at ordinary times, can open a few times a month, a year to run thousands of kilometers, such circumstance can according to the driving time to maintain. Driving less, also does not have to maintain mileage, 1 year maintenance are also recommended according to the time, twice a year to maintain the best. In addition to the maintenance cycle, commonly used car spare parts replacement cycle also should pay attention to: the tyre: / 5-5 years 80000 kilometers tire factory is valid for 5 years, bad driving habits when using, weather, road conditions will affect its life. Be on the safe side, mileage reached 5 - 80000 km should be timely replacement. Battery: 2 - 3 years / 60000 km under normal circumstances, the original battery can be used 3 years / 60000 km. Some bad habits such as not pass the car before stall appliances, idle when open audio and air conditioning, forget to turn off the lights after flameout, sparking frequent errors, etc. , can greatly shorten the life of the battery. Copper: 2 - 30000 kilometers platinum core: 5 - 60000 km iridium core: about 100000 kilometers. Responsible for the lighting of mixed gas in the cylinder, spark plug is related to the engine acceleration performance and fuel consumption. Drive the car to a certain range, the spark plug can produce carbon deposition, affect the transmitter. 30000 kilometers brakes: brake pads wear will be increased with the increase of mileage, suggest check, once found that the thickness of the brake pads have less than 6 mm, must be replaced as soon as possible in order to ensure safety. Wipers: 1 year long time exposure, frozen, or in the absence of water glass dry scraping, etc. , can lead to the early aging. Once found the blade has the condition, such as crack of aging, hardening, timely replacement. Fuel filter: the case 1 - 20000 km; Built in 60000 kilometers. Before entering the gasoline pump fuel filter is gasoline filter, its task is to ensure that the oil flow, to ensure the normal work of the engine. If the fuel filter is too dirty, should be replaced in a timely manner. Air filter: 1 - 20000 km air filter is used to prevent dust from entering the cylinder wear. Dust serious air filter can block air exchange, affect the combustion engine power, lead to carbon deposition. The best 5000 km clean once, 1 - 20000 kilometers a change. Oil filter: 3 - / 5000-6 months 10000 km main oil filter the impurities, in order to avoid the dirty old change new oil, oil filter pollution general advice on the replacement of oil filter oil change at the same time. ( The oil change cycle reference: mineral oil for 3 - 4 months / 5000 km; Semi synthetic oil for 6 months / 7000 km; Fully synthetic oil)
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