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by:DEFUS     2020-04-07
Maintain project maintenance refers to a broad categories, not a specific one. Regular maintenance mainly divided into the following nine categories, different models differ, not go one by one here. 1, oil maintenance. 2. Air filter maintenance. 3, air-conditioning filter maintenance. 4, fuel filter maintenance. 5, brake oil, maintenance. 6, brake pads, maintenance. 7, brake disc, maintenance. 8, the spark plug maintenance. 9, transmission oil, maintenance. Above is to do the maintenance project, know the later we'll learn about their maintenance cycle. 1 oil, engine oil maintenance maintenance cycle is mainly used by oil category, general of mineral oil in a 5000 km, semi-synthetic oil in a 7500 km, synthetic oil 10000 km a change. 2, air filter and air filter, basic it is 15000 km a change, but each dealer rules differently, like BMW is stipulated in the second maintenance, which is 20000 km a change. In fact depend on the small make up feel spectrum method or check every time, dirty, changes. 3 general 30000 km a change, fuel filter, is not the same as the dealer also have difference. Small make up personal feel time slightly long point effect also is not big, but I'll give you a dry goods. Note - Recently about the Spring Festival, a lot of people have to drive to his regiment, everybody try not to those small gas station, some 'dirty' merchants did the hands and feet, the car will diarrhea and vomiting, and what engine fault lights, shivering, oil and so on a series of problems arise. 4, brake oil and maintenance, the general is 40000 km in 2 years. This how to say, many owners friend will say, I just didn't change five or six years before, no problem, change he why waste money. Small make up to talk about, because the brake oil with water, time grew to brake will soften, braking distance is longer, open very uncomfortable. Specific doorway also many, will have to explain in detail, here is not wordy. 5, spark plugs and maintenance, the spark plugs are mainly composed of mileage, about 50000 km a change to ensure no problem. This thing in the circle of the owner is also a controversial topic, later I will specially do explain. 6, brake pads and brake disc is also according to actual usage and maintenance, as long as get into the habit of regular inspection car owners friends was no problem. 7, gearbox oil and maintenance, the 70000 km to 100000 km, suggested by machine change, change it clean, but the price is about twice as much.
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