Car purifier can be filled with dark lines? Car cleaning purifier

by:DEFUS     2020-06-23
Car air purifier can not only clean toxic gases in the air, also can purify air, remove the bacteria, viruses in the air, dust, pollen, mold spores, etc. The next China auto parts small make up with all of you about the car purifier can pack wiring? Car cleaning purifier? Car purifier can be filled with dark lines when choosing placed car purifier, must be in line with the principle of safety and reasonable. Cannot be put in the place of blocking the driver line of sight already, also can't place a place influence purification effect. Chosen location should fix the car air purifier, prevent the damage caused by emergency brake situation. It can be fixed in the position of a cab at; Another kind is a bracket type; Also is a kind of adsorption can be sucked into the metal, also can be fixed in the rear seat headrest back, but should pay attention to the length of the power cord should be enough. But the power cord is too long on the one hand, affect the use of safe, on the other hand also not beautiful, so I can give car purifier installation wiring. Car purifier how clean first of all, we need to use a vacuum cleaner or a clean cloth wipe cleaner/air inlet dust, the wind out for some machine backboard itself ACTS as a filter for car purifier, this step is very important. If back itself is a layer of mesh, that if we don't wipe clean, also can choose to use clean water to rinse, wash in the process of liquid can be used to compare the gentle massage to the hairs on the back, debris, and the cumulative dust clean. Now basically mostly car purifier adopts mesh can be clean, or use no mesh design, so we must go to wash after external cleaning this part. Still choose water when cleaning or clean cloth, clean the dust gently as far as possible, in some special small edge tool we can use cotton swabs to help clean up. Onboard oil purifier dues? Car air purifier is divided into two kinds: one kind is to use a small air purifier, plug in the power of the car, to work, this kind of air purifier is small in size, has certain limitations, purifying effect using anion generator to make up now, but the anion generator at work and at the same time will produce ozone, caused by the secondary pollution is greater than the original car in-car air pollution. In this regard, on March 1, 2012, our country also introduced the air quality in passenger car evaluation guide, the guide of release for in-car air purification products in domestic automotive air purifier exhibition has played a great role in promoting. This kind of car air purifier belongs to the car's small appliances, with cigarette lighter interface can be used. Because less electricity consumption, fuel consumption is very low. Another is to use the original car air conditioning system, the original car air conditioning system of air conditioning filter upgrade, this kind of products are produced according to the principle of domestic high-end air purifier composite efficient air conditioning filters, the academic language called automobile air purification composition unit. This is the benefits of the product can effective to purify the air inside the car and make air-conditioning outlet blow out of the air is clean. In-car air volume air conditioning system can guarantee in 3 minutes or so, can be completely to the car's air take a breath, let the car ride personnel at the same time of enjoying the car air conditioning, guarantee the health of body and mind. This car purifier is increased to the original car air conditioning system air filter, does not increase, electrical equipment is not additional inefficient, the economy of fuel. More about 'car purifier can hold dark lines? How clean car purifier 'small make up is introduced here, hope useful for everyone. More auto parts information, please attention.
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