Car roof rack rack installation method how to install

by:DEFUS     2020-06-25
Car roof rack rack installation method how to install now, say SUV models are very popular in the market for automobiles. Many SUV models in the factory is equipped with rack. They are not only beautiful, and very practical. You don't know much about it. Today, Meng Erbao will talk with you the use of the rack. Car rack installation method of the modelling of a separate, separate longitudinal rail longitudinal rail like arch bridge, most of the separated from body, only a few fixed point on the roof, is characterized by simple structure, but also practical, color or color with body, or silver hair with metallic luster. The characteristics of the two, one-piece one-piece longitudinal rail longitudinal rail is completely fit with body, very smooth lines, namely, practical beautiful. Three, T slot type longitudinal rail slot longitudinal rail is hidden, in the absence of add luggage, basically is to look not to come out. What about the how to use the rack, maybe with a rope tied with directly? You don't worry about the car, I also love dearly the luggage? If you want to put the luggage in the rack, you also want to add two beams on longitudinal rail rack, have the effect of fixed. Beam is the most used bar keeper, there are used in a fixed position of the screw, beam fixed position, can be adjust according to the size of the luggage, but when installation, it is important to ensure that the beam Angle and longitudinal rail into 90 °, suitcase, also want to try to keep level so as to force uniform. Separate and one-piece longitudinal rail longitudinal rail installation were similar, only card buckle the shape and structure of the different. Type slot longitudinal rail beam installation way is more simple, should first will T screw into the T slot, screw through the special beam holder, from the above with nut and tighten, after the installation is complete, the luggage is installed on the beam. Finally we'll talk about during the installation process should pay attention to what problem. First, add the suitcase, the increase of wind resistance and wind noise is unavoidable, wind resistance, fuel consumption is came up, so suggest you still choose the original boot, or the boot of the car special original factory, if choose domestic, must have 3 c certification, choose import, must have TVU safety certification, don't covet petty gain, quality closes nevertheless, in the process of driving, in the event of loss, it's quite dangerous. How to install roof rack to extension 755 roof frame as an example, introduces its assembly and installation method of roof rack. ( 1) Roof rack assembly billiton of roof rack by rail (755 Two root) , rubber sealing strip ( Two root) Feet, frame, 4) Rail, the plastic plug ( 4) , bar crank ( 4) , lock ( 4) And the key ( The 2) Composed of. Before installation should first put these parts assembled. Assembly with rail will frame the feet a square groove at the bottom of the metal screw along the aluminum bar into, this step is easy with the new parts, if found after using for a period of time to remove, usually because of foot metal screw not in place, with aluminum rod crank insert frame metal screw counterclockwise twist in the above 3 laps to the installation of roof rack installation plug and crank down for a long time didn't clean up will be dry, add lubricating oil to plug into the aluminum rod ends, heard 'clicking' sound, then aim the crank of the steel plug the hole in the insert foot metal screw, push ahead, make the crank cover the plug and aluminum rod end
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