Car sunroof leak reason have? What are the consequences of cars skylight

by:DEFUS     2020-06-20
Panoramic sunroof motor, it is like most drivers, driving a car in the wild, panoramic sunroof allows you to experience the different styles. But skylight also need regular maintenance. Or it will cause water leakage, and so on and so forth. And everybody about the next car sunroof leak reason have? What are the consequences of cars skylight? Car sunroof leak reason what skylight leaking there are generally two kinds of circumstances, one is that the skylight in the sink has a few little grains of sand, dust, lead to the blocked; The second is, skylight sealing strip appeared 'about' shift condition. Car sunroof leak solution: owners in peacetime should be regular cleaning skylight to keep the surroundings of the sink clean, at the same time owners don't forget to wash the car at ordinary times, let wash Turner with high-pressure jet pipes direction do jet processing equipment for special purpose, try to blow away the dirt in the pipeline. If the car sunroof sealing strip 'was the tipping point of' shift happened, this shows that the friction between the strip and the roof is too big, so owners can spray a little on article sealing parts, such as plastic protective agent or talcum powder, while maintaining sealing strip sealing strip and the roof off the extra friction. At the same time, most of the skylight system will set the drainage device, so the owners should pay attention to at the end of the rainy season every year or for whether can smooth drainage, drainage device drainage pipe joint appeared aging cracking phenomenon. What are the consequences of cars skylight roof after 1, blank overall force will be weakened for the car itself without skylights, going to late installation need to pay attention to the owner, skylight it won't be easy to install. Body design, experts say, the roof is a whole, transverse, longitudinal beam and side surround become an organic whole, when the body force, force transfer path has been designed, and the automobile skylight cutting area is relatively large, after cutting is bound to damage to the skeleton of car body, affect the overall stress, when mounted to the car skylight, will greatly reduce the stiffness of the roof and because of the force transmission channel change, many unpredictable happens, after all, the whole is broken, will affect a lot of ways, and many are subtle changes in imperceptible. In addition, the car before and after each have a crushing zone, whole body is a rigid body, plus the skylight, such as serious collision accident, skylight is unable to absorb collision energy, mainly because of the skylight is fixed to the roof, and strengthen the point of it few, after the collision, the automobile skylight tend to fall down. 'Dual' damage caused to the occupants are in trouble. Some owners after the installation of the skylight, will strengthen beams remedy, actually makes little sense, but there are some hidden dangers. China agricultural university, department of vehicle engineering professor gong said, such as has added a skylight, owners don't use strengthen beams remedy as far as possible, although added a stiffening beam can reduce some of the small deformation of the car body, but the strengthen beams is local welding, because the roof is relatively thin, the strength of the solder joint is generally not very big, so the structure of the roof will not have substantial reinforcement effect, when accidents happen these beams may also be handfuls of sharp weapons, will be a direct threat the safety of the passengers take. 2, improper installation, skylight sinks automobile skylight improperly installed hidden trouble. As a result of the general skylight are fixed on the roof, in order to ensure that the roof deformation, original skylight car have to do special treatment on the roof, generally will not affect the structure of the body safety; And to add the skylight, if installed incorrectly, vehicle after after a lot of turbulence, skylight sinks, sometimes will cause the body deformation. And owner due to improper of choose and buy, and the inferior skylight, late appear slack, the roof is also often the situation such as rust, circuit disconnect, these problems generally the best way to save is to rework and rust on the roof and circuit to deal with. More about 'the automobile sunroof leak reason have? What are the consequences of cars skylight 'all content, hope useful for everyone.
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