Car tire brand tyre price list

by:DEFUS     2020-06-20
Automobile tire brand tyre price list now, more and more families have cars, because cars bring convenience is irreplaceable. In addition to continuously reduce the price of family car, the car of choice for travel has become a young man. When it comes to automotive safety tire, you have to mention it. A good car tyres is very important. Automobile tire prices see you in what brand of tires, single tires had better be the same brand the same pattern of tires, different brands of tyre production ratio of raw material is different, tire and rubber of hardness is different also, decorative pattern is different tyre grip is different the word no numeral, want to see what is your change of tires, jinghu, hankook these is a lot cheaper, if big brands will be a little bit expensive, like Michelin, Goodyear. 300 - 800 watch brand, if all spare tire size, you can buy a new and spare tire on the same shaft to use, must be with the original car tires for the same brand, type size, pattern and level, not the spare tire is broadly in line with a full size also for pattern tyre wear degree requirements, when the original car decorative pattern tyre wear is too large, suggest to buy a pair of new tires, replacement, has a new tyres on the rear axle is used, because can prevent to excessive under a certain velocity, easy to control the vehicle. In case of vehicle spin out of control. There is rain and snow weather, lack of rear grip would drift around the corner. The front wheel grip more less than the average person a direction to go, and then round the average person can't control. List 1 tire brand name: MICHELIN MICHELIN tires MICHELIN group is a global leader in tire technology, more than a century ago in clermont-ferrand. In the long journey, Michelin group since 1889, when the invention of the first removable tires with the invention of the first 1895 cars with pneumatic tyre, in tire technology and manufacturing. 。 。 。 。 。 MICHELIN MICHELIN tires, second: BRIDGESTONE BRIDGESTONE tyres BRIDGESTONE BRIDGESTONE, tire ten big brand, founded in 1931, Japan, the world top 500,, the large tires and rubber products fuel injector manufacturer in the world, all over the world to provide the high quality of tire and its services. 。 。 。 。 。 How third BRIDGESTONE BRIDGESTONE, Goodyear Goodyear tire Goodyear tire co. , LTD. , began in 1898, the United States, the world's large-scale tyre production company, earlier provide radial tyre supplier for commercial aircraft, focus in the study of tire production and sales enterprises. 。 。 。 。 。 Goodyear Goodyear tire, 4: DUNLOP DUNLOP tires DUNLOP DUNLOP, began in 1888, the United Kingdom, 1985 DUNLOP tires bought by Japan's sumitomo, Japan's sumitomo rubber industry group's brand, the world's first developed the pneumatic tire enterprises, famous manufacturers and high-performance cars, optimizing tire brand. 。 。 。 。 。 DUNLOP DUNLOP tires, fifth: PIRELLI PIRELLI tyre PIRELLI tyre co. , LTD. , tire ten big brand, began in Italy in 1972, China's chemical industry group, the world famous tyre supplier, provide car tyres, truck tyres, and performance in domestic competition in motorcycle tires and other products. 。 。 。 。 。 PIRELLI PIRELLI tyres, 6: continental continental tyre continental continental tyre trading ( Shanghai) Mainland group co. , LTD. , Germany, which began in 1871, tire ten big brands, to produce tyres, rubber/cart/solid/chassis parts of the world's leading braking system high-tech electronic components/tire/rubber/vehicles. 。 。 。 。 。 Continental continental tyre, seventh: HANKOOK HANKOOK tire HANKOOK tire sales co. , LTD. , Shanghai tire ten big brands, was founded in 1941, South Korea tire industrial co. , LTD. , passenger cars, light trucks, vans, high-speed bus, bus and special high performance of the car tyre manufacturers, faw Volkswagen and other well-known manufacturers supporting for a long time. 。 。 。 。 。
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