Car waterproof installation method have? Automotive sealing strip how to use

by:DEFUS     2020-06-25
Automotive sealing strip is one of the important parts, widely used in door, window, body, seats, skylight, engine case and, in areas such as the trunk also has other waterproof, sealing etc. China auto parts below small make up with all of you on car waterproof installation method have? Automotive sealing strip how to use? What are the 1 article car waterproof installation method. Always check the sealing strip have large cracks and fracture phenomenon. Automotive sealing strip or regularly check to see if there is any crack, especially to see if there is fault, to repair in time, in order to avoid the leak of the heavy rain. We can buy cars fluid sealant special glue stick, if a larger place is bad repair, please professional maintenance staff to deal with. 2. Timely cleaning automotive sealing strip above the dirt and gravel. In places where environment is poor, gravel soil is more, easy to blow to the sealing strip, after a long time will produce certain corrosion effect, so be timely clean, with small shovel shovel's reach can come out. 3. Don't use their hands automotive sealing strip. When close the door, be careful not to catch seals with the hand, especially do not let children use hand pick strip, a long time easy to fall off, they can't let you recover. To pay attention to the details of the closed door, so the usual should seize the metal the handle or the door edge, don't touch the sealing strip. 4. When we replace the glass to check whether there is any damage on sealing strip. In some abnormal accidents, or damaged glass, the glass replacement, to check whether there is any damage on sealing strip, whether be cut broken glass. If there is crack, to repair as soon as possible, in case of bad range is bigger and bigger. Replace the glass also need to be careful, don't cut the sealing strip. 5. Pay attention to maintenance skylight sealing strip. Automobile skylight above the sealing strip is more special, often open the skylight, sealing strip longer exposed to the sun, so the aging is quicker, pay attention to timely check replacement; And more sand the region, should be timely and regular cleaning the inside of the sealing groove gravel soil. 6. Often wash the car is with high water gun. Try not to take water cannons spray to the sealing strip. High water pressure easy to cause the deformation of the sealing strip, once the deformation is hard to stop the water droplets into, a long sound insulation and sealing effect of the vehicle. 7. Reduce vehicle exposure time. In summer, the sun is very sharp, do not park your car in the sun insolates, directly after a long time easy to cause the sealing strip have become so fragile ageing, reduce the service life. Stopped in the shade field or garage, best if you can't avoid parked in the open air environment, you can use the umbrella, sun, shade screens and other equipment to protect the vehicle and protect the sealing strip, prolong its service life. Automotive sealing strip how to use 1. Adhesive sealing surface should be compact, solid, dry, clean, can not have water, oil, dust, etc. 2. Cut flat nose to meet the requirements, with a sharp edge tool to poke out of the gate photosensitive aluminum membrane. 3. Loading note glue guns, will need seal glue into. 4. Need to surface leveling shall be carried out before the table dry can dip in with bamboo with soap and water. More about 'car waterproof installation method have? Automotive sealing strip how to use the content of the 'small make up is introduced here, hope useful for everyone. More auto parts information, please attention.
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