Car wax table board for a new car? Car use table board wax, please

by:DEFUS     2020-06-21
Car wax table board for a new car? Car use table board wax, please it is well known that car wax table can not only effectively prevent the ageing of the dashboard and car inner decoration, but also has the function of decontamination and anti-static. 吗? On the table board wax, is your new car has better anti-aging effect? Car wax table board for a new car? Table board, also called wax, wax is a product of the 1970 s, is a specialized in automotive leather accessories, instrument maintenance supplies, parts quality can effectively prevent the dashboard, car inner decoration, such as aging effect, at the same time with decontamination, antistatic effect of liquid wax. Car wax table plate can effectively prevent the dashboard, car inner decoration, such as aging effect, have the effect of decontamination, antistatic effect at the same time. Can make the leather seats, car of the car roof quickly restore the natural luster and texture of leather, keep the fresh and soft; Make the dashboard, tire surface brightness is gorgeous like new. At the same time, table board wax good lubrication can prevent the surface roughness, surface height shine. Car wax are rich in strong decontamination factor, table board permeate quickly, strong detergency, with super deep cleaning efficiency, safe and convenient to use. Suitable for cars, motorcycles and ships and other internal and external surface, can effectively clean the instrument desk, tires, bumper, walls, ceiling, and artificial leather, velvet, fiber, the article such as carpet stains, also can be used in household appliances shell, glass, bathroom, furniture, ceramic tile, metal surface cleaning. The effect is a leather shoes, leather, rubber, plastic products, wood products, such as polish and clean appearance, form a layer of beautiful watch film increase in surface luster, and anti-fouling, prevent aging, and the function of protection surface layer. Car with 1, table board wax, please protect protection is very wide, protection range is very wide, especially the car wax protection, table board wax car table board not only can make us car dirty stain on the surface of clean, also can be used to to besmirch cleaning the body have the effect of protection, both body and clean automobile instrument panel, car wax table board has a protective role, let our car surface cleaner, also let our car dashboard more clear, so that when we drive in is that much more secure. 2, brilliant everyday after washing the car body should be clean, looks is also very comfortable, this is the effect after washing, washing the car can only make our body become clean, but can't let our body become bright, but if you use the car table board wax, can not only make our body become clean but love can make our body more bright beautiful, like a layer of plating film, make our body more grade, for car interior upgrades also has a great supporting role. 3, easy to clean we usually use when washing car detergent foam tend to be more, also difficult to clean, so that we will need to use a lot of water, waste water, if the sealing of the car for a long time will let water into the car, if water causing rust, and auto scaling is a not small cost, if there is water leaked into the dashboard of a car, damages to the car circuit, easy to cause car short circuit, so we are the owner of the loss is bigger. The disadvantages of car table board wax everything is not perfect, the car is not exceptional also, table board wax wax car table plate as an auxiliary cleaning products we also cannot be used frequently in use, if frequent use is easy to cause damage to the car dashboard, if strong sunlight also can produce radiation, so we at the time of use or to be appropriate. Car wax table plate can not only remove dirt and stains, you can also to our winter electrostatic resistance, let us no longer subject to static, beyond the scope of application of car, of course, table board wax on the car body and the dashboard, can also use some other more sophisticated, bumper, tires can be used.
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