Car where active carbon is put in the car put activated carbon really works

by:DEFUS     2020-06-25
Car where is put in the car put really useful activated carbon summer is coming, many car air conditioning is in use. Bad air flow inside the car can easily produce peculiar smell in the car. Then, the activated carbon to remove the peculiar smell in the car really works? Auto activated carbon put where most owners after buy a new car, you will find the car there is a taste, but also to use after a period of time, taste will gradually disappear, for new car smell, is there any method to eliminate? Automobile after-sale service people master wei said that a new car at the time of delivery, the 4 s shops usually present charcoal package, but the absorption surface of the carbon bag is small. As a result, the owner should also go to buy some more activated carbon, the carbon is the most effective and safest for owners, is also the easiest way to implement. For activated carbon has the characteristics of the pore number, formaldehyde and other harmful material has a strong adsorption, the smaller the particle adsorption effect is better. And the use of activated carbon belong to the physical methods, does not produce secondary pollution, drivers can be at ease use. 'Now a lot of cars outside beauty launch steam sterilization, disinfection of ion and photocatalytic disinfection, actually these car indoor air although has certain help, but I still have some shortcomings, such as steam sterilization, the sterilization ways for a long time, and the operation is complicated, the most important thing is to through the dry steam to achieve a goal, and dry steam superheat, damage to the automobile electronic system; And although ion disinfection is simple and convenient, but this is a slow process, and sterilization is not complete. There is light catalyst, this way of disinfection will only be effective under ultraviolet light, and ultraviolet (uv) light has certain harm to human body. Is installed in addition, now most of the car explosion-proof membrane, the membrane is block ultraviolet light, so can also affect the photocatalytic disinfection effect. In the car put a really useful inside the car put useful activated carbon, activated carbon can adsorb harmful substances, purify air, activated carbon pore, the more the higher adsorption performance, activated carbon, the degeneration, the lower the relative density, waiting for the weight packing cases, the greater the volume. Advised to choose density is small, feel lighter, such as large volume weight of activated carbon products. In addition, the activated carbon particles is smaller, the greater the contact area of air, specific surface area is, the greater the adsorption performance is better. Only with active carbon adsorption method solve the peculiar smell, when adsorption capacity to itself, to put the active carbon in the sun, and then use. General new car smell heavy sun once a week. Can buy bamboo charcoal package containing activated carbon, everyone is so convenient for replacement. The following is the characteristic of active carbon:, activated carbon is a porous structure, has strong adsorption ability of adsorbent. So put it in the air, can be used as the adsorbent harmful gas, purify air, eliminate harmful gas; And activated carbon adsorption capacity, adsorption capacity is limited, so the car put the amount of activated carbon, the more, the better the results. , when activated carbon adsorption saturation, achieve adsorption capacity, adsorption no longer, so will often deal with activated carbon regeneration; , activated carbon adsorption capacity, and temperature. When low temperature adsorption capacity is big, easy adsorption; High temperature easy to stripping. So waste their hours can be activated carbon in the high temperature, adsorption of harmful gas stripping, this is activated carbon regeneration process. Regeneration after a car, still can continue to remove the harmful gas in the air inside the car.
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