Carburetor and nozzle cleaning method

by:DEFUS     2020-05-23
Carburetor and fuel injector nozzle cleaning method

release date: 2014 - 8 - 29 10:10:03

helpful hints: the carburetor cleaning a responsible procedure, if you are a professional advice to service station to the sandstorm weather, hard to avoid can cover a layer of dust on the vehicle.

the vehicle appearance can be after wash the car wash away the dust, but the inside of the vehicle sand change how to deal with? Don't bother and oversight the carburetor and fuel injector nozzle cleaning.

in general the car to the best professional service station, first the disintegration of carburetor, the carburetor oil triangle needle and idle oil bubble in alcohol, primarily to remove carbon deposition; Then each component used special carburetor cleaner, wipe clean, with high-pressure pump wind blows, the purpose is to detect the carburetor unobstructed, finally installed carburetor, ignition adjustment.

to maintenance service, need to provide the car after the sand performance effect, such as the fee without firing oil and it doesn't burn oil, etc. , to provide maintenance personnel according to you to check, if carburetor oil and gas mixing ratio, oil, carbon block to the rear of the blue smoke, all these faults of the piston ring wear failure.

for carburetor and nozzle cleaning, main is idle valve and filter cleaning, the cleaning should choose regular maintenance center, the general street shop is does not have the professional equipment, cleaning, casually don't any good.

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