Carburetor cleaner how to use

by:DEFUS     2020-05-22
Carburetor cleaner how to use

release date: 2014 - 10 - 27 11:23:37

carburetor cleaner is a kind of special used to clean the inside of the carburetor engine or dust, carbon, graphite carbon deposit amorphous classes such as dirt, it can effectively clean the resin on the carburetor, grease, sediment and other dirt carburetor cleaner is a kind of colorless compress liquid aerosol tank, and through pressure jet mouth, carburetor cleaner will be through the fuel injector nozzle, the smell of the detergent is bland, not very pungent.

when we use the carburetor cleaner, removed from the engine carburetor, the cleaner spray where there is dirt, can very good clean up dirt carburetor surface or internal carbon deposit, is extremely fast and convenient, also will not cause any corrosion damage to the carburetor. It is important to note that the carburetor cleaner is a flammable items, use as far as possible in the open air place, away from fire, avoid into the mouth and eyes. We are using carburetor cleaner for the carburetor cleaning, car engine speed should be keep in the range of 2500 n/min, in addition, the carburetor cleaner can clean carburetors, not only can clean the engine, artifacts, internal combustion engines, refrigerating machine, etc. , using range is very wide.

previous articles we have talked about the role of the carburetor cleaner, want to know more information can be found at our website on the carburetor.

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