Carburetor inlet channel jam how to solve?

by:DEFUS     2020-05-30
Carburetor inlet channel jam how to solve?

release date: 2014 - 12 - 4 11:42:22

is the important component parts of engine, carburetor, fuel atomization and mixing with air mixture, have certain ingredients so that the good combustion; Ensure the normal order of the machine can work quickly. Add thick device in the correct use of carburetor starting under the premise of pedal or electric start-up time for more than 15 seconds, the engine can't remain jailed for starting difficulty for continuous operation. Starting difficult reason mainly is a carburetor inlet channel blockage, that how to solve this situation? Together with carburetor factory to understand:

open the carburetor float chamber, check when float down drive feed needle valve whereabouts. If needle valve with float movement is closely integrated with the needle valve seat, the judgment of the needle valve and valve seat adhesive can cause feed channel blockage, the fault is usually gasoline colloid coagulation caused between the needle valve and valve seat. Can use alcohol or acetone to clean. Such failures often appear on the long time without the use of motorcycle.

remove float and needle valve, from the carburetor inlet over access to gasoline, gasoline from the seat hole condition, without gas flow, the oil jam, can use compressed air blowing in from feed to take over the place. In addition, the oil plug shows that a large number of impurities into the carburetor. The fundamental reason for failure caused by the fuel filter is. Thus at the same time of cleaning the carburetor, should inspect the fuel filter.

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