Carburetor smoke is how to return a responsibility

by:DEFUS     2020-06-01
What is carburetor smoke

release date: 2015 - 10 - 24 11:19:47

carburetor is one of the important mechanical device, the engine is a mechanical mixture, synthesis and according to the engine operation need to control the mixture into the air, and then work to drive machinery equipment. Therefore, once the carburetor fails, the engine cannot run. Carburetor common fault is a smoke, which is a rich mixture, a rich mixture will not only waste of fuel, also can accelerate the damage of the carburetor, so the carburetor smoke to stop immediately. Look at carburetor smoke first below:

first, oil leakage phenomenon, the carburetor mixture too thick, black smoke that generates mixture can't complete combustion.

the second, the spark plug electrode gap is too small or too large, lead to the ignition energy is too small, not fully burning mixture.

the third, the gasoline used low quality or models, models don't match and gasoline for motor vehicles.

now in efi vehicles, the electric control in the closed-loop control as long as the sensor is damaged, the phenomenon of returned to lead to a rich mixture, such as ternary catalysts at the end of the oxygen sensor failure, will think mixture too thin, can increase oil, resulting in exhaust smoke. The efi engine and carburetor engine is a smoke phenomena should be caused take seriously.

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