Cars often play fire not consider replacing the following parts

by:DEFUS     2020-05-15
1. Replace spark plugs modified ignition system is the most easiest and cheapest first step, is the spark plug of original high performance models. Basic role is to force the spark plug ignition coil produces high voltage when the current through an electrode gap to generate spark to ignite the cylinder combustion chamber mixture, so the more requirements on the performance of the spark plug is of course a spark, the more stable, the better. The spark plug of the original car insulator between the ends of the earth and the center of the high voltage electrode is mostly used to lower cost of alumina based ceramic manufacture, but high performance model spark plug on the electrode material is much attention to. Now the quality of the most used iridium spark plug or platinum and other precious metals to make electrode, besides can spark a stronger and stable, and more durable. 2. By installing the spark plug ignition coil with high voltage power supply from the car ignition coil, original system is mostly inductance coil discharge system, its time to store electrical energy is slow, when high speed system will cause the spark energy due to lack of charging time, make the car power loss. For the general fans, the original open closed of the magnetic needle of the ignition coil to E core magnetic coil will be more convenient and effective, the magnetic characteristics of ignition coil are the lines of magnetic force closed closed within the core, can reduce magnetic leakage and generate higher voltage, the more powerful spark plug. While those performance car or car modified capacitor discharge type ignition system can be used, this system is to use high voltage capacitor charging, the charging cycle is shorten, guarantee at high engine speed still has enough ignition energy. 3. Point firewire modified contact point between ignition system with the spark plug wire is one of the popular refitting project, modified the effect of this part is to reduce high-pressure coil made losses in the process of high voltage electric current to the spark plugs. General original point firewire, when the design of the control of electromagnetic interference, using low cost and high resistance of coated materials, and modified point firewire will to coated with silicone resin and other high quality material, thick point of high performance wire can be more than in the control of electromagnetic interference resistance. But good quality price isn't cheap point firewire, separate the effect of the change point firewire also not too obvious. 4. Electronic ignition traditional ignition system mainly consists of distributor, ignition coil, high tension line, spark plugs and other parts, and today's upscale cars many adopts electronic control ignition system. Electronic ignition system is mainly composed of multiple sensors, ECU, ignition actuators of three parts, the individual models more even save distributor, directly by the ECU to control the ignition timing, therefore higher ignition energy and the implementation of the ignition time and more accurate, more don't need a point firewire, this also is what we talked before, brush the ECU.
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