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by:DEFUS     2020-03-30
Winter change garments according to your car also need a healthy check-up, hot hot summer has quietly away, colorful autumn leaves have been slowly and we said goodbye to the winter car need a comprehensive care. DEFUS fuel injectoroil change center car close maintenance doctor, into the shop, free of charge for auto 21 items of the test. Winter will be clear to the air conditioning air filter is necessary to inspect, air filter is one of the important factors, prolong the service life of the engine so the vehicle air filter it is necessary to keep clean, according to the improper maintenance data show that every year for the air filter replacement is numerous, the damage of the machine in the morning so the usage of air filter of change garments according to the check is very important, meijia kernel oil change center free of charge for owner to carry on the air, air conditioning inspection, ash. Car for the winter the engine needs a care, meijia embellish oil change center engine oil products are synthetic oils, low temperature cold start performance is more prominent, high temperature oxidation is more outstanding, really did freezing, it is not difficult to start, and the store operated by product price is not expensive, is really ordinary car preferred curing chamber. Car for the winter antifreeze liquid surface inspections necessary, cooling fluid is of extreme importance to the engine, engine cooling system can not be lack of long term, the winter is extremely important to the requirement of freezing point, meijia embellish efficient oil change center antifreeze can let like new tank ten years, to provide a super car maintenance. Winter will love in calling upon you, the day is cold, love add clothing need to caress, car also need a warm 'care'.
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