Chassis antirust glue what use is there? Chassis rust glue what are the functional features

by:DEFUS     2020-06-19
Chassis rubber antirust purpose is to improve road safety, this oil to automobile chassis screw firmly sealed, avoid driving have a screw loose. This oil can be close to the body, have long-term rust protection effect on metals. China auto parts below small make up with all of you on chassis antirust glue what use is there? What are the functional features chassis antirust glue? Chassis antirust glue what use can reduce the vehicle walking on the road when the gravel sand plate collision damage, in addition to walk between tire and road noise isolation, effectively improve the car quiet, comfortable feeling. And antistatic effect, improve the driving safety. Usage: all old and new vehicles must use high pressure spray gun to car chassis or trunk off clean, if the old car has the scale will be removed. With the wind blow dry after cleaning, then do not need to spray part of the paper to cover tightly, Including the exhaust pipe, engine, water tanks, springs, frame number, etc. ) 。 Open the tank cover will shake handshandle pull open, insert the product special spray gun, then need to spray a 25 cm and spray can. Normal coating should be repeated two times. In construction of note: please do not close to the fire, fire control facilities should be equipped, do not let the children play, and stored in shady and cool place. Within 24 hours after car construction do not close to the fire. This product must be stored in a cool, dry ventilated place, within one year from the date of production use can get the best effect. Chassis antirust plastic what are the functional features 1, chassis antirust plastic: rust are starting from the bottom of the car, have you noticed that ran only three to five years of automobile beam has already started to radiant with rusty spot. South was wet weather, and every time you wash the car sewage will remain at the bottom, go down for a long time will form the potential of corrosion factors, harm the car. At the bottom of your car after curing, even if is acid rain, snow-dissolved agent, washing the car caustic soda can through this layer of protective film, give you a peace of mind. 2, prevent stone: in the process of vehicles on the road, will splash a small stone, the stone hit bottom plate is directly proportional to the speed of the force with you, general 10 grams of small stones in the speed of 80 km the wallop will reach 30000 times their own weight, and is equivalent to use stone to touch the eggs! Enough to break 30 micron film, film once been broken corrosion will start from the defect and slowly expanding from inside the iron plate. At the bottom of your car after curing, so even if the gravel to 300 kilograms of impact force can't break it, give you a rest assured. 3, shock: engine, the wheels are fixed on the floor of the car, they vibrate at a particular frequency will resonate with bottom, make the person produces uncomfortable feeling, at the bottom of the protection will eliminate this kind of resonance, give you a little comfort. 4, insulation fuel-efficient: into the summer, open the car air conditioning air conditioning to sink, and the ground of the outside heat to rise, hot and cold air exchange mostly concentrated on the floor of the vehicle, the vehicle at the bottom of the protective effect how, directly decides the effect of cooling energy use of the vehicle, the bottom of your car after curing, the cellular tissue inside the membrane sound-absorbing factor will be hot and cold completely isolated, give you a satisfactory. 5, sound insulation, noise reduction, vehicle traffic in the way of quick, wheels and road surface friction is proportional to the speed, the bottom of the vehicle has good protection can reduce the noise of the car, to give you a comfort. 5 mm, when is at the bottom of the road bumps scratches, will reduce the damage to the chassis; Especially on the highway, the road surface friction is very big, sound is very noisy, chassis, makes noise is small, and the warm wind because of good insulation effect, even close the warm wind is still in a relatively long time to keep the temperature. 7 and save the maintenance cost, car value, because the chassis supporting the four systems, car chassis is equal to protect the each system above, save for this and produce a series of maintenance costs. New car usually use three years or so, corrosion occurs. Compared with the corresponding is a fact that the vehicle maintenance, the better, the higher the value. After a period of time after driving, regardless of their own use or to change a new car, after solid shield chassis protective treatment ( Especially with normal big company quality assurance) Car is sure to have a higher value. Using above about 'chassis antirust glue for? Chassis antirust glue what are the functional characteristics of the contents of the 'small make up is introduced here, hope useful for everyone. More auto parts information, please attention.
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