Chassis 'divergence' what meaning be? Chassis 'divergence'

by:DEFUS     2020-06-17
'Chassis are scattered in the car is a derogatory term, usually describe a car's assembly process, material or materials to deal with, or is late using too mess cause car condition is very poor. Divergent generally are particularly in the old car, car age, the greater the divergence phenomenon will be more obvious. Next on the chassis with everybody 'divergence' what meaning be? Chassis 'divergence'? What is the meaning of 'divergence' 1 chassis. Chassis screw loosening, common is fixed wing beam screw loosening, wing beam which is auxiliary frame, all on the front of the chassis parts and engine gearbox connected to the wing beam. The screw loose here, the entire chassis parts will be shaking while making way rub against each other, will emit noise, will feel the chassis is not compact, want to be apart, only need to tighten the screws can be solved. Chassis other big loose screw will have the feeling of divergence, other screw loosening probability is not big, just as long as without disassembly, generally do not loose, if remove the installation of the torque is not enough, also can appear loose. Loose screw will emit sound, inspection and maintenance method is one of the important screws, fastening the chassis all maintenance experience here is important. 2. Aging of rubber parts. Chassis all rubber parts aging will cause a loose sense, chassis old big car appear the phenomenon of divergence, often with rubber aging is the largest. Common are two triangular arm rubber lining, each stabilizer bar glue set, this is bad, often is the most easy to see. Rubber lining is rubber parts, time is long will be aging, aging will become stiff after no elastic, so making way when their buffering capacity drops greatly, appear sound and loose is normal. Because the rubber lining is the main purpose of the buffer, increase the chassis massiness, reduce noise. Check method is generally observe with the eye, rubber parts appear a lot of tiny crack, even some overall cracking, buffer blocks appear with the hydraulic oil leakage, etc. , all say gelatin sets of aging. In general, more than 78 vehicles have the phenomenon of aging, rubber parts just have light weight. 3. Each ball head loose kuang. The direction of the ball head, on the triangular arm machine stick inside and outside the ball head, ball head on and stabilizer bar kuang, can also lead to the chassis. Ball head loose kuang is the gap is too big, under normal circumstances, no matter top and braking way, they can connect the corresponding components, there will be no mobile collision to each other. And the clearance is too large to walk again road, ball head office will appear from side to side, causing the car instability, or even make a sound. Especially some small stabilizer bar ball head, not easy to attract attention. Check ball head loose kuang method is generally by hand shaking, if not loose kuang, feel clearance, also is not moving. If already loose kuang, there will be obvious gap. Another ball head with grease, with a ball cage set of external packages, if the ball cage units damaged, also want to change in time, don't change ball head soon would be bad. 4. Damage of shock absorber. Shock damage is common oil, as well as the upper top of rubber will be damaged. Leak doesn't appear to feel apart, but felt the car moving, beating top walk more, car is not steady, has the feeling of light. Failure, this is because the shock absorber oil spill and spring beating when it cannot effectively pull, can let its beating. Check method is to observe with the eye, do not need to remove any parts, its appearance has fresh oil leakage, explain the life here. If there is no fresh oil leakage, its normal. Top glue broken apart from unstable mountain road, also have a sound, as long as there is sound, the upper suspension were mostly top glue is broken. Chassis 'divergence' to do a car from the 'whole' to 'loose', if is caused by the usage, that there is always a process, as the owner to do is to prevent as far as possible! Domestic road conditions generally place a lot, a very ordinary speed bumps and potholes, so there is a big test to the character of the vehicle. So as the owner, before by large potholes, must be appropriate to slow down as far as possible, even if some models with the speed in the past but more comfortable. But for the sake of car can be durable, minus one slow or very be necessary. If that is the chassis loose problem, some of them are also can solve through the maintenance. Similar to the ageing of the suspension, bushing, can change the parts, restore 'compact' feeling. But if the body stiffness is down, it is not reversible, unable to repair. Chassis looser later, however, believe that most people are not willing to go to repair, after all, when the car chassis loose, have a certain age. And fix up is also a big project, almost the whole hanging down heavily, time-consuming and money, it is better to transfer directly. More about 'chassis' divergence 'what meaning be? Chassis 'divergence' to do 'all content, in the hope that useful to everyone.
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