Chevrolet new sail 1 2

by:DEFUS     2020-06-22
New Chevrolet sail is Shanghai general motors co. , LTD. In view of the current Chinese family car actual demand, on the basis of the original sail products, new building configuration, sail in the entry-level 3 manual comfortable skylight version manually ideal model on the basis of new skylights and Start& Stop automatic start/Stop system. 。 Pan Asia technical automotive center on overall appearance modelling, interior, sail powertrain system aspects has carried on the comprehensive upgrade, make the car more accord with China's mass consumers, current demand for the average family car, give consumers new experience. Chevrolet new sail how new sail 1 1 2. 2 emt sedan, the advantages more than disadvantages 2010, paragraph 1. Appearance: 100 comfortable: 80 performance: 80 after-sales: 60 advantages: large space and a lot of storage space, large trunk, brand value is high, the car price is low. 6 - average fuel economy 8 litres. Disadvantages: 1, there is a sound instrument desk, and temporarily can not find out the reason, it felt like plastic parts assembly problem. 2, 1. 2 amt transmission shift impact is bigger, crawl, crawl, creep force is much smaller than the AT block car, and not easy to master. 3, the body of the tin is too thin to bumper plastic is thinner, estimate is not very strong. There are no electric Windows, rear just, for the cost. But in front of the moving window switch electrical degrees didn't light, darkness at night. Poor! ! ! 5, high-speed driving, the noise is too big. Especially after 110 kilometers, the basic can't hear sound. 6, sound too stingy, incredibly no CD, and sound quality can't compliment. 7, the Chevrolet 4 s shop popularity is not enough, in a little city at county level. Don't forget, the county is now big automobile consumption market. For a locally, not 4 s car sales will not very good. Shanghai Volkswagen is proved, is not so good, mainly around the big city lolipop 】 is contributing dimension. Review: 1, high ratio of a joint venture of the car! After all, more than sixty thousand can buy under joint venture brands, the car is the only choice. 2, although the configuration is low, but also can resolve itself. High quality new Chevrolet sail early high standard in quality control, process management strict, high strength. On the analysis of the research on the Chinese market of geographical environment, traffic, oil and car users use habits, on the basis of new Chevrolet sail in the early development phase is targeted to develop the quality of the challenging goals. Manufacturing, 107 high standard paint technology, 5 kinds of paint anticorrosion technology benchmarking and 8 paint anticorrosion coating to ensure body paint more durable; High quality of the automobile body assembly process to reach the world's most stringent DTS global C - BOB( 最好的最好的) Zero discharge standard, and the body USES the 6th generation environmental protection cathodic electrophoretic paint, heavy metal content of body materials and vehicle recycling to satisfy the most demanding the eu requirements, to achieve the real green environmental protection. In order to guarantee the quality of products, from the most hot turpan to cold in heihe, total mileage of 5 million kilometers of vehicle road test for Chevrolet new sail through the ultimate test of bad environment. Large space Chevrolet new sail on the space design, the clever conception embodies the original. Adopts the patent technology of tank, with short front overhang, after a short suspension and the arc door design, Chevrolet new sail ride to maximize space utilization. At the same time, the car design the 24 humanized storage space, build a clean and orderly environment, all-round meet the needs of a family of five. High safety Chevrolet new sail according to the C - A four-star NCAP safety standard design. Safety cage security cage car body design, rigid body to achieve the same level leading level; Medium tank with tic-tac-toe beam reserves, make the vehicle to enhance the security; Higher than the national laws and regulations standard crumple space design, in the event of a collision maximize to protect the safety of the crew; Ahead of the increasing number of children's safety and pedestrian protection design, reflect more social responsibility.
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