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China oxygen sensor h1 supplier for aftermarket

China oxygen sensor h1 supplier for aftermarket

China oxygen sensor h1 supplier for aftermarket

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Product Comparison
car fuel injector has the following advantages: well-chosen materials, reasonable design, stable performance, excellent quality, and affordable price. Such a product is up to the market demand.Compared with products in the industry, Super Technology's car fuel injector has the outstanding advantages which are mainly reflected in the following aspects.
Application Scope
Super Technology's motorcycle fuel injector is widely used in the Manufacturing Automobiles & Motorcycles industry and is widely recognized by customers.With a focus on car fuel injector, Super Technology is dedicated to providing reasonable solutions for customers.
Company Advantages
1. The structure of oxygen sensor is also one of the highlights of the product.
2. The product is stable in quality and superior in performance.
3. Some customers said this product is worth the investment as it can make their life and bathroom a little more comfortable and clean.
/  Product Parameters

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Part Number98AB-9F472-BB  

Coil Resistance

High Impedence


1 year warranty


Fits Ford Fiesta Focus Mazda 2 CX-9 Jaguar S-Type   

Fitment For:


FIESTA MK4 (JA_, JB_) 1.25i 16V 08.1995-01.2002 KW:55 PS:75 CCM:1242

FIESTA MK5 (JH_, JD_) 1.25 16V 03.2003-ON KW:51 PS:70 CCM:1242

FIESTA MK5 (JH_, JD_) 1.25 16V 05.2002-ON KW:55 PS:75 CCM:1242

FIESTA MK5 (JH_, JD_) 1.3 11.2001-ON KW:44 PS:60 CCM:1299

FIESTA MK5 (JH_, JD_) 1.4 16V 11.2001-ON KW:59 PS:80 CCM:1388

FIESTA MK5 (JH_, JD_) 1.6 16V 11.2001-11.2008 KW:74 PS:100 CCM:1596

FIESTA VAN 1.3 10.2003-ON KW:51 PS:69 CCM:1299

FOCUS MK1 1.4 16V 10.1998-11.2004 KW:55 PS:75 CCM:1388

FOCUS MK1 1.6 16V 10.1998-11.2004 KW:74 PS:100 CCM:1596

FOCUS MK1 1.8 16V 10.1998-11.2004 KW:85 PS:115 CCM:1796

FOCUS MK1 2.0 16V 10.1998-11.2004 KW:96 PS:131 CCM:1988

FOCUS MK1 ST170 03.2002-11.2004 KW:127 PS:173 CCM:1988

FOCUS MK1 RS 10.2002-11.2004 KW:158 PS:215 CCM:1988

FUSION (JU_) 1.25 08.2004-ON KW:55 PS:75 CCM:1242

FUSION (JU_) 1.4 08.2002-ON KW:59 PS:80 CCM:1388

FUSION (JU_) 1.6 08.2002-07.2010 KW:74 PS:100 CCM:1596

KA (RB_) 1.3i 06.1998-11.2008 KW:36 PS:49 CCM:1299

KA (RB_) 1.3i 09.1996-10.2002 KW:37 PS:50 CCM:1299

KA (RB_) 1.3i 09.1996-11.2008 KW:44 PS:60 CCM:1299

MONDEO MK1 2.5i 24V 07.1994-08.1996 KW:125 PS:170 CCM:2544

MONDEO MK2 2.5 24V 06.2000-ON KW:125 PS:170 CCM:2495

MONDEO MK2 2.5 24V 09.1996-08.2000 KW:125 PS:170 CCM:2544

MONDEO MK2 2.5 ST200 05.1999-11.2000 KW:151 PS:205 CCM:2495

MONDEO MK3 2.5 V6 24V 11.2000-04.2005 KW:125 PS:170 CCM:2495

MONDEO MK3 3.0 V6 24V 09.2004-06.2007 KW:150 PS:204 CCM:2967

MONDEO MK3 ST220 04.2002-08.2007 KW:166 PS:226 CCM:2967

TOURNEO CONNECT 1.8 16V 06.2002-ON KW:85 PS:116 CCM:1796

TRANSIT CONNECT (P65_, P70_, P80_) 1.8 16V 06.2002-ON KW:85 PS:116 CCM:1796


JAGUAR S-TYPE (CCX) 2.5 V6 04.2002-10.2007 KW:147 PS:200 CCM:2497

JAGUAR S-TYPE (CCX) 3.0 V6 01.1999-10.2007 KW:175 PS:238 CCM:2967

JAGUAR S-TYPE (CCX) 4.0 V8 01.1999-04.2002 KW:203 PS:276 CCM:3996


2 (DE) 1.3 10.2007-ON KW:63 PS:86 CCM:1349

2 (DY) 1.25 04.2003-ON KW:55 PS:75 CCM:1242

2 (DY) 1.4 04.2003-ON KW:59 PS:80 CCM:1388

2 (DY) 1.6 04.2003-ON KW:74 PS:100 CCM:1596

CX-9 (TB) 3.7 01.2007-ON KW:204 PS:277 CCM:3726

CX-9 (TB) 3.7 AWD 01.2007-ON KW:204 PS:277 CCM:3726

/  Product Details

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/  Product main advantages

  (1)good spray.
(2)Fuel injector flow stability
(3)Good quality, reasonable price.
(4)Provide after-sales service

/  Product comparison

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/  Customer Feedback

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Company Features
1. Guangzhou Super Technology Co., Ltd is a China-based producer of 02 sensor replacement . We have built a reputation on a commitment to providing quality products and services while rapidly responding to the international need.
2. The quality of the oxygen sensor also relies on the strong technical force of DEFUS.
3. We do not tolerate unethical behavior by our associates anywhere, and we will take all necessary steps to ensure compliance with our Code of Conduct and all applicable laws. We have set commitments and objectives to use and manage resources sustainably by operating more efficiently, responding to climate change, reducing production loss and waste, and caring for the water.
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