Clutch technique step on how to prevent the clutch legs shaking

by:DEFUS     2020-06-24
Clutch technique step on how to prevent the clutch legs shaking. If you want to test a driver's license, you need to learn first thing in the clutch while driving. The car will have a good control. How to control the clutch? Here are some tips about how to step on the clutch, let's take a look at! Clutch skills first know what is first clutch, clutch is a component, the component controls the power and transmission system, with him. We can let the car a smooth start, a smooth shift. If we drive, carry clutch, power is larger, when the pressure on-off power down naturally. The second is about stepping clutch way, way novice and veteran about trample clutch is not the same. If a novice, as is the heel of support, knee and ankle drives the sole of the foot even make its power. And is the first step on the clutch sole, so as not to slide foot, step on the clutch so beginners are more likely to feel how clutch in the position of the half joint. Support the clutch is the heel, so that the clutch and not too big ups and downs and shift gears or is the time to start is very smooth. If the old driver, trample clutch feet are suspended, is the thigh drives the soles of your feet, this is the practice of the old driver, because they are master very skilled to clutch. If the position of the clutch high, novice can also use this method. The third is how to lift the clutch. Carry clutch has three stages, the first to quickly lift, carried to the clutch half joint position after would slow down the speed, and then stop at the position of the clutch half joint for a few seconds to loosen the clutch completely. In the process of lifting, we always feel the power of the size, if the power is small, should be timely step on the accelerator, so cars can start smoothly. How is the fourth control clutch. First half linkage position is found, that there are a lot of methods, for example, according to the sound of the engine, a shaking of the steering wheel, tachometer pointer to the position of the 10, on the slope front rise, clutch. If practice models and test car is not the same, with the methods will also be different. The second is the start, both start ramp and the ground, lift the clutch of the time to slow down the speed, in the long run will have foot feeling. Parking, the third is shifting gears must have clutch on to the end, otherwise the car is easy to shut down, and be sure to remember when parking is first step on the clutch, instead of the brake. Step on how to prevent the legs shaking clutch 1, first of all, get on the bus to adjust the height of the seat, after adjusting the space in the distance above the head to set aside one punch more than the best. Already so don't feel depressed, also can avoid the bumpy road leading to the head and the roof of collision. 2, adjust the seat height, you can begin to distance before and after the adjustment, the first thing to put the right foot stepped on the brake in his class, stomping on the bottom, then will bend thigh into a 120 degrees, this standard to adjust the seat position before and after. This curved legs can guarantee in case of emergency can be timely will brakes on, and can play a buffer role. 3, the next is to adjust the Angle of back of a chair, and here's a little tip: will your hands naturally on the steering wheel, do not be too straight and wrist to meet the steering wheel, the Angle of the back of a chair is most appropriate. 4, finally need to adjust the position of the head, this is a lot of people are easy to forget the step. Regulation make the back of his head on the head in the middle of the middle, around the head from the width of two fingers can be.
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