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Company‘s Imformation of Bosch fuel injectors


Injection of gasoline into the gasoline nozzle of a gasoline engine

The fuel injector is installed at the intake manifold injection before the inlet valve. It injects the fuel such that it builds a homogenous mixture with the added air. This air-fuel mixture is created by opening the inlet valve of the intake manifold into the combustion chamber where it is ignited by means of an ignition spark and burnt. A distinction is made between whether the injection is made prior to or during opening the inlet valves.

Powerful fuel injector for international markets

Bosch fuel injectors feature excellent tightness that is measured by means of a special high-precision measurement technology developed by Bosch. Leakage values reduced by > factor 10 compared with the former industry-specific threshold are specified.

The Bosch fuel injectors can be used all over the world as the material is also resistant against impure and aggressive fuel with a high portion of ethanol and methanol.

Detail data

Weight :                           About 25 grams                                        Flex fuel resistance:        E0 - E100 ethanol

Reduce droplet size :      50-130μm(rSMD)                                  Variation diversity  :        Geometry, spray behavior

Flow modifiable :             500cc/850cc/1000cc/1300cc/1500cc, customizable

Product Advantages

▲  Improved sealing and optimized spray and fuel mixture generation

▲  Lean valve shape

▲  Specific engine, flexible mounting and spray characteristics

▲  Ethanol resistance for worldwide Flex Fuel applications

▲  Excellent linear range

▲  Low leakage