Daily maintenance of timing belt? Auto timing belt is the cause of fracture

by:DEFUS     2020-06-24
All engine with timing belt, manufacturers will have strict requirements, within the prescribed period, regular replacement of timing belt and accessories, or it will cause fracture failure, etc. The next and how about the daily maintenance of timing belt? Auto timing belt is the cause of fracture? Daily to maintain timing belt timing belt belong to rubber parts, and we all know, the rubber will be aging, auto timing belt usually lasts for two years, because of high temperature, in the operation of the engine car stalled after cooling, oily impurity and timing belt up matching and installation of incorrect practices timing belt can lead to shorten the service life. So the timing belt is generally run 8 - new car 100000 kilometers ( In addition to some car such as nanjing iveco, chery automobile's banner, generally 2 - because of engine problems 30000 km must be replaced timing belt) , after replacing the timing belt, because of the depreciation of the car, use, installation, etc. , so the service life of the timing belt will reduce accordingly, so a lot of repair, 4 s shop will give travel 60000 km, it is best to replace the timing belt. In order to ensure the service life of your engine, for your love car to more reliable and timely maintenance. Different from the accessory device drive belt, they are easy to be seen and easy to check. Timing belt tend to hide behind a lid, depending on the engine and the arrangement of the nacelle to touch. However, in most cases, the lid on the timing belt, at least cover the top half of, can be removed or removed, is convenient for you to carefully check and replace the belt. Check, if see not maintain good, moderate tension of belt, you should replace it in time. What was the reason for the auto timing belt breaking timing belt usually consider replacement when 80000 km. Even if your car have timing belt, in the event of the fracture, oneself also can't replace. Therefore, when total travel to reach 80000, consider to replace it. Timing belt in the back of the radiator fan. Timing belt is to use the power to drive the camshaft, crankshaft fracture, timing belt when driving, because of inertia, also in the crankshaft, the piston moves up and down, still doing the CAM shaft has stopped rotating, that is to say, the valve remains at the location of the instantaneous belt, so the valve in the open position will and upward collided near the piston top dead center and piston valve bending, piston damage, then pull cylinder damage. Normal valve action and the piston have staggered run to the top dead center, so normally, both won't collide. Two valve poussin engine is an exception, the piston top dead center and fully open the valve will not meet, because there is a deep hole, piston and valve is perfectly perpendicular to the piston movement, this is the characteristics of the engine design, now most of the engine is oblique valve, so most of the engine when the fracture belt in will not survive. Warm reminder: replace the timing belt at the same time the best tension wheel and idler replace together, because they are with the use of belt also can appear the wear and tear, if wait until severe worn down alone replacement, process is very complicated, the key is the owner to pay a high cost of manual, so just a one-time change. More about 'how to daily maintain timing belt? Auto timing belt: what is the cause of fracture 'all content, hope useful for everyone.
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