DEFUS car: 7 kinds of methods, can remove the peculiar smell in your car - DEFUS injector

by:DEFUS     2020-04-14
In the process of car ownership, the stench will eventually enter the car interior. There is no doubt that this is for you and your passengers an unpleasant experience. In fact, you have to sit in the car for a few hours, this may be a incredible pressure experience. Fortunately, you can always do something. Although air freshener is the effective method to solve the problem of the stimulus, but these can only cover up the smell, and bad smell will always stay in the car. To really get rid of the bad smell, it needs more work of the elbow. This is a handy guide to get rid of the smell of your car. It may need your day is good, but it's worth it. Wash the car, sometimes only need a simple washing can remove the smell of the car. You may not know it, but the car may have run over animal feces, garbage rotting matter. Thorough cleaning the car, because some stench of road debris could have entered the fender liners and other parts of the chassis. If need be, can be at the bottom of the cleaning. Take the trash out first step, is perhaps the most simple steps is to eliminate all the chaos in car. Candy packaging, discarded food packaging and empty bottles are a good starting point. If some of the items below, please check below the seat, and check the small hole of the room, stand and glove box. If your car is equipped with a lot of hidden pocket, please check these and trunk. You can even find the source of the stench. The vacuum cleaner is your friend at some point, we in the car and disorderly food, when we chew leaves some crumbs. There is no doubt that manual pick up - which is a tedious work This is a reliable vacuum cleaners in place. It can easily pick up little bit and float, and able to enter the internal nooks and crannies. If you have fabric decoration, car smell often trapped in there, dust collection can often eliminate odor. If you often the transport of pets, vacuuming will remove the fur, this may be one of the reasons for internal smells bad. Blow it out if smell stick inside the car, please send out between one night. Simply roll down the window, not so strong smell should be able to make their way out. This applies only to take the safety of the garage roof. Coffee, charcoal and baking soda if after will blow out the smell still exists, please consider using ground coffee or charcoal. These items not only obscures the pungent odor. The coffee grounds was emitting a strong smell, can overwhelm even offset the unpleasant smell. Although tasteless, the smell of charcoal is also the same as the coffee grounds absorption features, but please note that the coal will not work. Must activate these to be effective. In addition to the absorption characteristics of the peculiar smell, charcoal can also prevent mold accumulation in cars. If the fabric seats, carpets or cloth on the spill, sprinkle some baking soda at the scene, please. Later, would rub into the affected area in baking soda ( One or more areas) And placed there for hours. Later, with baking soda to vacuum cleaning area. Like charcoal and coffee grounds, it also can absorb peculiar smell, but with a direct application of it, once it is accurate positioning, you'll be able to remove the bad smell. Check your air conditioning it is not always junk ( Or body waste) Is the source of the unpleasant smell in the car. The car air conditioning system captures a lot of dirt and grime, eventually led to the mold. Take time to repair and clean up air conditioning. Change your cabin air filter, because it is one of the components will not change the people came to the service time. If the smell still exists, in the worst case is a dead animal to enter the air conditioning system in some way. Hired professional help if everything fails, then go to professional details. There may be an area that you missed or the source of the smell could be an unusual, it is difficult to reach. Details of professional designers will be demolition of automobile interior trim panels and apply fabric cleaner to all chairs. As internal, stripped, they will also be able to find the cause of the unpleasant smell and get rid of it. Keep your car freshness with smell disappear, it's better to keep it fresh smell, in order to avoid the smell. To do this, please use the microfiber cloth to wipe dust and other particles in the vehicle. As far as possible to avoid in the car to eat certain foods. Finally, you can spray some odor neutralizer as Sonax Car Breeze to complete all of these. This may be a relatively small thing, but keep your internal fresh smell is one way to reduce the pressure of daily wear and tear. After all, who would want to drive in a stink bombs?
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