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by:DEFUS     2020-04-05
Automatic transmission why need maintenance? Depends mainly on the following aspects: the maintenance to 1, the working process of the automatic transmission ( Hydraulic transmission - Torque converter, clutch, etc. ) , because of the torque converter in engine with hydraulic part time, so it will form a large amount of thermal energy; Clutch and brake at the same time in the work is also the friction torque will produce large amounts of heat, thus causes the ATF metamorphism in the agreed upon period of time. An oil change, automatic transmission work environment (2 Temperature, environment, etc. ) , regular work relatively harsh environment, due to large working load of the transmission gearbox working temperature, long time will also result in automatic transmission oil deterioration. 3, automatic transmission conditions of use ( The driver's temperament, limit range), , the oil change center driver is always the pursuit of dynamic driving mode, the gearbox is always done under high speed engine speed shift and long short of high-grade bit transmission ratio, so the transmission will continue to rise causing ATF metamorphic temperature. 4 and the parameters of the automatic transmission data changes ( Pressure, friction coefficient, etc. ) , under certain conditions the normal parameters of automatic transmission, resulting in a loss of pressure, the coefficient of friction and affect the normal operation of the gearbox. 5, how to understand some transmission oil change 'lifetime maintenance free'? Joining (maintenance The quality assurance range) , at present, some auto makers to automatic transmission directly hit the slogan of 'lifelong free maintenance', thus lead to users throughout not to ATF inspection and replacement, so that the damage of gearbox. Actually strictly speaking this is impossible, the gearbox ATF will play in the normal use, will affect the capacity of its standard. In addition we must follow for different models use automatic transmission maintenance requirements: 1, the regular inspection ATF capacity, quality, according to the using requirement. Oil change center 2, replace ATF periodically according to the usage. 3, choose good special, quality up to the standard of using the ATF. 4, choose the best curing methods for maintenance work, A circular manner) 。 Center of an oil change for a long time without the influence of transmission oil change and maintenance of the first is the function of the gearbox lubricant, second can affect to the normal operation of the gearbox, which result in the loss of mechanical components, serious when gearbox will be seriously damaged. About the consequences of gearbox fault in oil. The transmission oil change, must accordingly, the different structures of the gearbox, lubrication requirement is different, so use for a long time don't match the gearbox oil, can lead to mechanical and poor lubrication of the original damage, this is not our chosen lubricating oil quality problems, but can't satisfy the standard parameter requirements. Maintenance and oil change gearbox maintenance selection CF technology alliance certification units in practice is, in fact, we are most afraid of or using the false maintenance and oil change oil. Generally poor quality of the false oil in use, not immediately to show some phenomenon, always show in use after a period of time. When key is serious due to the false oil formation of the coking content don't clean, so bring a lot of trouble later maintenance. So the use of false oil maintenance and oil change when the most terrible, sometimes leads to transmission hydraulic module scrap, also may lead to the gearbox overall scrap. Keywords: DEFUS fuel injectoroil change oil | change | maintenance center joined | | change | oil change oil maintenance maintenance | | car
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