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by:DEFUS     2020-04-04
If it is well known that the lubricating oil metamorphism, machine will not be able to get good lubrication protection, wear and tear, will happen regularly oil change is regular practice, in accordance with the recommended oil change the oil change period. Oil change center on oil change is easy to operate, but accurate, should be 'by ZhiHuan oil' the most scientific, especially for important equipment, more expensive machines, and large equipment, should be through the oil testing to determine the oil change period, because the device operating mode and the conditions of use of each are not identical. So how to determine oil change time? Which indicators are lubricating oil ring the 'alarm' to us? The following points we need to focus on: 1, the total acid number ( 谭:总酸值) : the oil change center lubricating oil deterioration is mainly oxidation, oxidation generates acid, acid value increases. Lubricating oil after put into use, the acid value of track detection can achieve two purposes: to understand the performance of the lubricating oil, to determine whether the lubricating oil changed. Lubricating oil after put into use, if increased significantly when the acid value compared to the new oil, lubricating oil there is a problem. If there is no doubt for the performance of the lubricating oil, it should improve the using condition of lubricating oil, common is the pollution of oil, the oil temperature is not good control. 2, moisture content: lubricating oil change center are afraid of water, lubricating oil itself has hygroscopicity, can absorb the moisture in the air, so attention should be paid to seal, the damp environment, which is easy to touch water, and air humidity is big, monitoring the moisture content is very important. Lubricating oil has a certain oil - Water separation ability, oil-water separation ability good lubricating oil can quickly into the oil and water layer, separation of the water can be drained, but itself can absorb the moisture of lubricating oil, and can absorb moisture content is limited, a small amount of water can make lubricating performance, so monitoring the moisture content is very important. Want to do a good job, waterproof, in addition to the water at the same time especially in case is given priority to. 3, particulate count ( 粒子数) : internal cleanliness joining equipment lubrication system oil change is critical, counting particles can reflect the purity of the system, but also can reflect the filtering performance, and is the important index of oil change, if the particle count is too high, lubricating oil to replace. In use, lubricating oil carrying system internal impurities, with the accumulation of impurity, the performance of lubricating oil will be affected. Effective filtration system not only can prolong the service life of oil, can reduce equipment wear and tear. 4, metal elements: oil change to detect the contents of metal elements have two main functions, one is to detect equipment wear, one is the detection of additives. Metal elements in lubricating oil mainly from the metal elements in additive, as well as mechanical metal abrasive dust, and the additive exhausted is one of the reasons for lubricating oil metamorphism. 5, viscosity ( 粘度) : oil change oil viscosity and mechanical wear and tear is directly related to the change, as a general rule, when the viscosity change is more than 10%, should be an oil change. Oil change keywords: DEFUS fuel injectoroil change oil | change | maintenance center joined | | change | oil change oil maintenance maintenance | | car
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