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by:DEFUS     2020-04-14
As the car universal access, everyone began to automobile maintenance after a car is becoming more and more attention. Relative to the previous' have failed to repair the old ideas, more and more people having realized a regular car maintenance on time is the car of the concept of life long before regular car maintenance is particularly important. Our mouth said oil usually refers to the engine oil. Engine oil according to points, can be divided into three categories, followed by ordinary oil mineral oil, half a synthetic oil, synthetic engine oil. In the maintenance of an oil change, as long as you don't take the word 'synthesis', that is all 'normal' oil mineral oil. Effect of oil type oil lubrication and maintenance cycle is there will be a certain time period, usually exposed to the air began to oxide attenuation about 3 months,. General 'ordinary mineral oil' in the 5000 km began to oxide attenuation. Semi synthetic oil is in commonly 7500, fully synthetic engine oil is in commonly 10000 km or so. So the first time see mileage oil change. B air filter maintenance of auto air filter is the air enters the engine through the first line of defense, in the role of filter down to filter the impurities in the air. Impurities of the filter paper itself when air filter hole is blocked, will directly affect the normal car engine power output, unimaginable consequences. Empty filter is direct contact with the outside world parts easily the clogging, when the clogging will show the puny acceleration and engine idle speed instability wait for a symptom, the normal work of the air filter can avoid premature engine wear and maintain the best working condition. Empty filter maintenance is best at once, you want to change 20000 kilometers, 10000 kilometers to check the car interior car interior reflects their grade C, keep the car indoor dry health, especially for car cushions, outlet these more health dead Angle to do cleaning work, to do a good job of anti bacteria car interior. At ordinary times can be used for the car air conditioning system disinfection deodorant, can remove dirt evaporator air conditioning system, solve the problem of air conditioning wind out peculiar smell, protect your health. We remind the owner, when oneself for car interior cleaning, to use neutral detergent for cleaning, don't use contains a strong acid alkali cleaning, in addition, when cleaning should pay attention to avoid electrical equipment such as audio, radio, CD into the water and corrosion. D car paint maintenance car paint maintenance of common sense is very complicated. Although the paint looks smooth, but has a small concave surface and holes, new car advice to do a closure glaze or coating process. Under normal circumstances, the coating than seal glair time longer, gloss effect in about 3 months to half a year, coating in more than six months, suggest that after a certain time is needed for the second time closure glaze or coating. Wash the regular project is polishing and waxing. But the two on the premise of coating or sealing glair do, because always waxing and polishing, the paint thickness on consumption, gradually make the car paint thinner, lose luster, a tiny scratches. Automobile paint maintenance also has a lot of daily needs attention. First, avoid any directly with duster or dry cloth to wipe paint, water sweep away the dirt of car surface dirt, with a clean cloth to wipe clean water, avoid by all means to air dry after flushing. Second, consideration should be given to avoid long sunlight when parking, especially white and non metallic paint. Third, decrease The Times of washing and try not to do car waxing polishing. Fourth, pay attention to corrosion things such as bird droppings keep clear of in time. Fifth, attention to reduce the corrosion in the larger area, such as the sea, and over the pavement of snow melt agent, a new layer of asphalt, etc. Sixth, after summer running high speed should be timely clean the front of the vehicle on the road hit the dead insects, if not timely cleaning can be in a short period of time within the vehicle surface corrosion. E, and maintenance of automobile tires, car tire rims are the most easy to dirty parts. So, for the maintenance of the tire is also very important key. Before washing the tyres, to prepare a longer brush handle, if the tyre is not too dirty, in general use detergent to wash. Unless you really have too much dirt, it may be about to buy a professional cleaner. Brush cannot be used in chrome plated mirror processed rims, leaves the obvious scar. Chrome plated wheel generally use a sponge, wash the small place to consider with the brush. As long as the tyres and below the knee clean, the whole fiber car looks become bright.
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