DEFUS: 'three points, seven FenYang', 15 small common sense - winter car maintenance DEFUS injector

by:DEFUS     2020-03-28

As the saying goes: a car need to 'three points, seven FenYang'. Vehicles throughout the warranty period, some of the fault will inevitably occur. Especially in the low temperature after the cold winter, car maintenance is very important. Do the following car maintenance, believe that your car will smoothly through the cold winter. DEFUS automobile maintenance 1, lubricating oil lubrication requirements for automobile winter is higher, if you are using the summer oil must be replaced, to use for a long time, the color black and poor adhesion of oil should be replaced, in order to make sure the engine start smoothly. 2, the amount of antifreeze antifreeze must be appropriate, different areas and different models should pay attention to the freezing point of antifreeze and model, using at least 2 years of antifreeze should be replaced. Pay attention to the different brand different types of products do not mix. 3, check warm wind pipe and fan heater, especially pay attention to the windshield defrost outlet wind is normal, and that if it is heat, windshield defrosting outlet has a problem in the winter driving will bring a lot of trouble and insecurity. Automobile maintenance road 4, four-wheel positioning winter ice and snow, is seen at the same time, rubber, metal, plastic and other material hardening in low temperature control system also changed accordingly heavy, driving road sense is abate, four-wheel positioning is not correct to affect safety. Joining 5 rubber curing winter rubber to harden and relatively fragile, not only can reduce friction system, also relatively easy to leak, tire in other seasons. Winter often clean inclusion within the tire, replace the wear different pattern and different brands of tires. Oil change alliance to inspect your car! On a regular basis for relevant parts replacement and maintenance safety is the most important DEFUS fuel injector maintenance and oil change oil change center
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