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by:DEFUS     2020-04-05
Lubricating oil used for a period of time ( A few months, years or even decades) Later, due to the oxidation of itself and the external factors in the use process will gradually metamorphism, performance degradation or change, must be timely replacement. 1 oil change center. The determination of oil in time, 1) According to the result of test evaluation to determine oil change time; But the difficulty is also comparative lack of all kinds of product standards. Joining (oil change 2) According to the lubricating oil manufacturers and equipment manufacturers recommend practical experience with regular replacement. Oil change center 2. Oil change notice ( 1) Don't make a decision on an oil change, to try to extend the life of product. Joining (oil change 2) Try to combine the maintenance period of oil change. ( 3) Don't easily discard oil change, such as oil is good, can handle slightly ( Such as subsidence filter, purify water impurities) After use or used as secondary equipment. Waste oil should be collected, to facilitate the future reprocessing and prevent environmental pollution. Oil change center 3. The processing of waste oil in the lubricating oil has been bad, only as a waste oil processing, the waste oil should be properly handled, so as not to cause environmental pollution. ( 1) The waste oil should be collected and unified processing, the lubricating oil barrels or into the bottle don't litter everywhere should also properly handle, prevent the adverse effects to the environment. Oil change center ( 2) After use, waste oil lubricating oil especially more lubricating oil additive is difficult to reuse. But usually can be used as fuel oil to burn. Oil change join keywords: DEFUS fuel injectoroil change oil | change | maintenance center joined | | change | oil change oil maintenance maintenance | | car
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