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by:DEFUS     2020-06-20
Apricot suzuki ( Suzuki Anne) , was born on April 27, 1987 in Japan Tokyo setagaya, he graduated from Tokyo, the institutions of higher learning, Japanese actress. In 1996, starring in reasoning play book special edition 'kindaichi youth events, formal theatre debut on TV. In 1997, 10-year-old apricot suzuki love drama 'bluebird' won the 15th they institute for best new artist. In 2002, with action science fiction film academy 'returnees' won the 26th Japan best new artist. In 2005, starring action movie 'initial D' paired with jay Chou. In 2008, starring love drama 'mad house I was. In 2011, with the drama 'contempt' won the 26th gaoqi film festival award for best actress. In 2013, starring drama 'goodbye valley'. In 2015, in historical play flower burning. Her career in 1996, starring in reasoning play book special edition 'kindaichi youth events, formal theatre debut on TV. In 1997, 10-year-old apricot suzuki, Xia Chuan knot clothes in romance with FengChuanYue company 'bluebird', a corner as nobutaka volunteers weave, obtain the 15th they institute for best new artist. In 2000, and 'kuriyama partner of thousands of Ming and mountain Tian Xiao starring' based on a novel Mr Tian lu thriller suspense show the ghosts sayoko, played in the second grade XueShengChao Tian Ling. In 2002, apricot suzuki and takeshi kaneshiro partner in action 'returnees' science fiction, as beauty is in the corner, to get the 26th Japan film academy best new artist. In 2004, starring role in the animation 'steam boy'. That same year, and starring aoi optimal cooperation shunji iwai youth film flowers and Alice, as nature shy girl waste well spent. In 2005, and jay Chou starring partner from that adaptation of Japanese manga action movie 'initial D', shigeru personate heroine wood natsuki. In 2007, with the false house only sweet and cool resort to star to showa 45 years of kanazawa for stage love thriller 'auspicious, having played transfer to spring high school sayoko. In 2008, starring island macro cooperation with water from the grand palais ali, the director, the love drama 'mad house I was the play tells the story of people who live under the same roof scrambling for the ownership of the apartment. In 2009, and Greg, YueXiuQing family film 'the fetters of distant' co-star in war, as the city city dry daughter households long branches, the play in flashbacks tells the story of a Chinese mother. In 2011, and starring Gao Liangjian our cooperation according to the upper health times the film adaptation of the novel drama 'contempt', in order to play the role of a corner machiko, she take the dance in two months before the shooting of the cast, specially trained first exercises to strengthen body softness jazz dance, and then to learn pole dancing, the 26th gaoqi film festival best actress award. In 2012, directed by curled sichuan real flowers in gothic crime 'mess', as must Tian Jiu beauty. In 2013, apricot suzuki and true wood yoko, onishi letter with co-star in drama 'goodbye valley'. In the same year, and to have Mr Okada, mei ji co-stars adapted from river valley in the original along with a medical mystery novel 'holy monsters', have Ma Sanhui plays. In 2015, apricot suzuki and MAO inoue, daze takao play directed by LiangXiong watanabe, always create a joint at the end of the in real life as the main line of the historical drama 'the flower', as the hero first husband love long tranship XuanRui concubine Chen 'way. For the animated film 'flowers and Alice killings' dubbing, the film tells the story of flowers meet with Alice. Character evaluation apricot suzuki in Japan have very high popularity, although only 18 years old, As of 2005) , only to be known as the 'genius' is a beautiful girl, pure and fresh and natural acting has been acclaimed ( Sohu entertainment ratings, 2005) 。 See apricot suzuki still so young, but for the guidance of the director of the performance, can meet the requirements, is not easy. Her acting is often can let a person cry, make me feel very bad, Takeshi kaneshiro review) 。 Apricot suzuki is great for middle school students, it can have so strong performance ability, at a time when she is so young for me to know her, but I was very lucky, and it also hopes to rely for her ability to improve my work ( Yamazaki your director evaluation, 2005) 。
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