Do I need to run in the new car I just bought

by:DEFUS     2020-05-23
Do you want to run in the new car? I think many new car owners are very concerned about this issue. But at the same time, I guess most of you will run in. The reason why there is such a doubt is that I want to understand this knowledge. Just like many people say that pulling high speed does not hurt the engine, but many people still don't like to step the speed too high. In fact, cars need to be run in, and it is not only the engine that needs to be run in. After all, we have to warm up before doing sports, otherwise it is easy to be injured. The structure of the human body is so precise and has been worn for many years. Not to mention the newly assembled machinery? However, it is not necessary to strictly execute certain procedures and operations as we imagined. Now the car is finished in use. Because all the components and functions of the car are likely to be used during driving, and this time and time of use is the process of running-in. So we only need to pay attention to some related matters during the running-in period. What issues should be paid attention to? In fact, you really do n’t have to believe too much, because these precautions are written in your user manual, you only need to flip through the user manual to find it. You must know that this is the most authoritative guidance. Who do you believe in? So we will briefly introduce the knowledge related to the running-in period of the car, which may not be applicable to all cars, but the general direction is correct. 1. Engine running-in: During the running-in period, rapid acceleration should be avoided, and the speed should not be pulled too high. The manual gear should also avoid towing gear and avoid driving in too low gear, because this will cause the engine to shake and increase unnecessary shock. 2. Gearbox run-in: Avoid rapid acceleration and avoid neutral gear sliding (both manual gear and automatic gear are the same), because the actual load of the gearbox during neutral gear coasting is very small and the grinding gearing is poor. 3. Brake run-in: Avoid sudden braking during the run-in period, because the new brake pads and brake discs do not form an optimal fit, and sudden braking is prone to abnormal wear. Once abnormal wear occurs, it is equivalent to a deviation at the beginning. The use of such deviations will always exist. In fact, there are many drivers and friends who drive particularly cautiously and smoothly. I think this state is very suitable for the running-in period, and most car owners also love it very much after buying a new car, so most of the owners are already in accordance with the running-in period. Asked to drive.
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