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by:DEFUS     2020-04-04
Many owners have the question, even if the old driver, the car does not necessarily know. In fact, an oil change this kind of thing, to change oil center, many factors are related, it contains the oil you use the car quality, region environment, the age of the car and so on. As the number of meals you eat every day, with the quantity of heat of food you eat, the activity of the day, and many other factors. In general, the use of fossil oil need to be replaced in the center of the oil change within 5000 kilometers of time, don't exceed 5000 kilometers. Semi synthetic oil oil change cycle can be extend to 7500 kilometers, the total synthesis engine oil can be extended to replace a 10000 km. According to the different transport environment, factors such as driving habits can do appropriate to extend or shorten the curing to join in. Except, of course, according to the mileage ( Ginseng, pictures, quotation) To determine the oil change period, the oil also has a shelf life. Because oil barrels, compared with the oil in the engine in high temperature and high pressure of the bad conditions will greatly shorten the shelf life, performance fell sharply, over time the engine used no protection. So while the vehicle mileage is less, also need to change oil on a regular basis. For mineral oil, although the vehicle mileage is not up to 5000 kilometers, but if you use a weekly maintenance joining period more than 3 months, and suggested to replace. For example, even when you are not hungry all day today, also still have to drink gruel, appropriate to eat some fruit. The shelf life of half the total synthesis of synthetic oil and engine oil can be half a year or more. So we often see on vehicle maintenance manual 'recommended vehicle maintenance period for km/xx xx months, will be subject to first come'. But for most normal car friends, usually mileage ahead of the oil change between center, so often ignored the 'time' the deciding factor. If you are often in 4 s shops do maintenance, also use original oil, then in accordance with the manufacturers recommended maintenance manual replacement cycle or is 4 s shop suggested replacement cycle, oil change on a regular basis. But if you are in the outside to buy better quality of the oil, is not required in accordance with the fuel injector manufacturer or the oil change period of 4 s shop to change regularly. or 4 s shop suggested replacement cycle is the original oil change oil factory of centre, but you buy oil often better quality in the outside, although the price is relatively expensive, but joining cycle maintenance maintenance can also be extended accordingly. Keywords: DEFUS fuel injectoroil change oil | change | maintenance center joined | | change | oil change oil maintenance maintenance | | car
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