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by:DEFUS     2020-06-20
Dunlop tyres please Dunlop tyres? Dunlop ( 邓洛普) Originated in Britain, and later by Japan. This is a famous brand of tires is very popular among consumers. Dunlop ( 邓洛普) Tyre is mainly used for high-end models, performance is similar to the continental brand, but quiet and comfort is slightly inferior to the Michelin continental brand, grip and abrasion resistance, it is a relatively neutral tires. But many tire blowout accident happened, many owners bluntly said Dunlop tires really dare not to use them. The Dunlop tyres? Let's take a look at below. Dunlop tyres please Dunlop imports, and domestic, domestic Dunlop according to domestic situation, appropriate to reduce the positioning of the tyres part small models, enable it to meet the needs of almost all models, the price is suitable, has a high cost performance. There are many car owners choose Dunlop tyres, is their quality and price. But with the owner, said his car use Dunlop, with flat tire soon appeared, is the so-called high-speed cry, after the truth Dunlop tires really dare to use. Can only say that just because a blowout said tire quality is bad, the cause of flat tire has a lot of, may be the right tire pressure, may also be a knock against. These are all need to investigate, also need the owner notice. Actually, Dunlop tyres, used knows, Dunlop tyres quality is very good, although not very wear-resisting, nor as comfortable mute Michelin tires. But overall is relatively neutral, balanced performance. Dunlop tires at home is better known, understands from users reputation, most people still very satisfactory. More balanced tire who will go to choose, although there is no outstanding performance, but it can let consumers to accept, and cost-effective. Dunlop tyres how want to know how Dunlop tires, by convention, first to know about the Dunlop tires. Dunlop was founded in 1888, the British, the early main business invented by John Dunlop pneumatic tyre. Now in domestic see Dunlop tire brand is Japan, belonging to sumitomo consortium, is a British Dunlop rubber factory in Japan is Japan's sumitomo consortium acquisition. Currently use Dunlop tires brand of enterprises is the largest of the Goodyear tire and Japan's sumitomo rubber, of which the ownership of Europe and North America is Goodyear and sumitomo, Australia's ownership is Goodyear, Asia's ownership is sumitomo, ownership is Ruia group, India and South Africa's ownership is Apollo tyres, they all have the right to use the Dunlop brand, to make sales of car or other motor vehicle tires. A wide range of Dunlop tire type Dunlop tires, in order to facilitate everybody more clear understanding, small make up its tires is roughly divided into four categories. Fuel-efficient durable economic reingistic Dunlop tyres have many series, like Enasave EC503, SP Touring T1, SP60e and SP PS03, etc. Dunlop SP Touring T1 is a economic and practical tire, known as more adapt to conditions in China, also USES the unique double long-life tread compound, which has good durability and wear resistance. SP Touring T1 also has the good ability of silent, on the handling, also has the certain wetland control performance. Mainly suitable for cruze, magotan, passat models, etc. Dunlop ENASAVE EC503 is Deng Lu PuAi fuel-efficient products, with the characteristics of low oil consumption, environmental protection, effectively reduce the rolling resistance, further reduce fuel consumption, more fuel-efficient. ENASAVE EC503 USES cutting-edge technology and exclusive modified rubber composite technology, sharply reduce the tire rolling resistance, effective control of redundant quantity of heat, so as to reduce fuel consumption, reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Also can ensure excellent braking performance of wetlands, is conducive to the control of the tire. For Dunlop tires, how is good, it still depends on the individual driving requirements and habits, often drive in the case of no account of tire noise, can choose the more wear-resisting. Don't often drive, can choose comfortable and quiet. Tire is one of automotive consumables, used for several years. And the tire each have advantages and disadvantages of different brand, according to their own requirements, models, and to buy tires driving habits, etc.
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