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by:DEFUS     2020-06-23
Sealing glair wax and wax which hurt the car paint gloss and that of paint wear little? I believe that many owners have this experience. When I think of in the beauty salon wash the car, I was washing the car recommended to 'plate of a crystal bar', 'seal a glaze bar' or 'a candle stick'. Welfare was blown to the ceiling, many do not understand the differences between the three owners of confused spent thousands of dollars. Today, will introduce you to a small circle of wax crystal electroplating, sealing glaze and the difference? What is the best way to protect your car? Gloss and wax which hurt the car paint seal glair advantages: 'glaze' extracted from oil, add a few auxiliary material. Glaze of permeability and adhesion performance will molecules to infiltrate car paint, paint cracks. Car used to make up for some of the inevitable small scratches, make the surface smooth. Paint gloss also has the effect of hydrophobic and the acid rain. Sealing glair duration and soon, is usually 1 - 3 months. Disadvantages: if not new car for sealing glair, first requires a detailed surface polishing, paint thinner. While sealing glair of construction environment and the technique has the professional requirements, otherwise the paint will cause secondary damage. And the duration of the seal glair effect and soon, is generally not recommended. Wax wax advantages: is there a beauty means the earliest, the main components of the wax is also derived from oil. Action principle as shoes clean oil, is in 'grease' paint covering a layer of protection, can prevent sewage, acid rain, also can prevent the paint was in the hot sun exposure, delay the ageing of the paint fade or paint. On the visual effect is more light, make your car looks more glamorous. Wax to the requirement of technology and the environment is not too high, and the process is simple, just clean body, evenly daub wax, finally can wipe dry towel, can operate at home. Faults: wax weakness is very obvious, is efficacy duration is not long, if experience during 2 - Heavy rain washed 3 times, wax layer will be lost. Sealing glair and waxes that to paint wear little? First is your car from the start with any continuity of wax is each brush after car wax if any suggestion you still continue to wax ( With a good wax) Because sealing glair itself is a kind of paint burnish although sealing glair will make paint immediately if brightness is new but your paint will be corresponding thin if you particularly care about your car wax wax suggest you stick to it, after all, the harm of paint is little can be said to be ignored. The effect of wax must not gloss. After sealing glair is through multi-channel process processing, forming a layer of surface defects such as ceramics coating appearance, protective film, with a uv isolation, anti-oxidation, withstand high temperatures and the function of the acid rain. Old car seal glair effect is very obvious, because the procedure can make the faded paint oxide reduction brightening, to have the effect of renovation. Auto show the prototype of mostly through the processing, so looks glittering and translucent get rid of is appeared, glorious takes a person. Compared with ordinary wax its many advantages, such as brilliant bright glair not dissolve in water, can avoid the defect of car wax to dying water; No damage to the original paint; Protect a long time, for the car to do a meal after sealing glair, protection for a year or so, suit and want to car is beautiful, again with no time 'busy person' gens. Wax is to protect the car paint, wax can be in form a layer of wax on the surface of paint film, there is no wear and tear. If want to paint was allowed to return to new car light will seal glair, no wear and tear on the car paint.
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