Electric motor and electric car motor what are the advantages and disadvantages

by:DEFUS     2020-06-16
Electric cars and electric motor car electric motor is what are the advantages and disadvantages of the electric car industry in the future in the sweet bread. Major manufacturers have developed their own electric model. When people look at cars, all kinds of motor. Finally, the editor will introduce the basic knowledge of the electric car motor to be all things to all people, and hope to help everyone understand the new energy vehicles. Electric motor and electric cars is the development trend of the future, no matter from the environment, or the state energy level, fuel will eventually replaced by electric car, but it is a process, to solve the present electric vehicles, to achieve this goal. Electric current shortcomings: 1, the cost is high, the electric copy pool pure charge after the hundred subsidies prices still higher fuel cars. Roewe ie6, for example, after 3. Around 60000 subsidies, still naked car price in 170000 ( Entry level) While the roewe E6, entry-level car fuel is less than 100000. Price is an important factor of influence; 2, secondly, charging equipment is not perfect, lack of effective charging infrastructure; 3, lack of range. Official offer range can only make a 7 fold; 4, in the late of the high cost of maintenance. Bought a pure electric is to economize, but later maintenance costs will get you in the province of oil fill come back; Degrees, in general, pure electric vehicles will be the future must be, but need the support of technology and policy. What are the advantages and disadvantages of electric cars motor advantages to save energy. As for the car itself, motor and transmission efficiency is much higher than the internal combustion engine. As for power generation, as musk says, power generation using gas turbine and steam turbine has higher efficiency than gasoline engines, so more efficient. The cost is low. On the market at present the mainstream of the electric car hundred kilometers power consumption is below 20 degrees. Such calculation, power consumption is far lower than the level of gasoline vehicles. What's more, there are the peak valley price, can use at night valley electricity charge, low pollution costs are lower. Plenty of nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide generated relative to gasoline vehicles, electric vehicles can say zero pollution completely. The only pollution produced in the process of the power, but it can be processed centrally in power plants, and less harmful driving feeling good. The noise of the motor is far less than gasoline engine and diesel engine. So driving up more quiet. It is said that when you came back to a lower speed of tesla, you don't feel it. In the low speed performance is strong. Due to the characteristics of the motor ( When low speed large torque output) , the electric car in low speed, especially the dynamic properties of 60 km below the stronger than the same level of gasoline vehicles. Stronger in the low speed performance is more suitable for urban roads, especially starting, rapid overtaking, etc. Simple structure. Because of the complicated oil does not need to decorate and engine components, such as the structure of the electric car is generally simple, is helpful to increase car interior space. Tesla, in particular, even empty out the front of the engine compartment trunk as before. Other functional advantages. Most electric vehicles have energy recovery function, can be used in deceleration motor for power generation, the kinetic energy of the car has to recycle into electrical energy, thus to achieve the effect of energy saving. For example, by installing wheel edge machine, can make four wheels can generate power independently, then from the differential element, etc. Fault charging infrastructure is not complete. At present, in addition to the north to guangzhou, and other big cities, other small and medium-sized cities lower-tier almost no charging pile can be normal use. So which is convenient for charging. Conditional electric car users will strive for in their pile installation charge, but will meet the resistance of the residential property, etc. But countries liberalized the charging pile construction, more and more enterprises began to put into construction. Range anxiety. Now in addition to tesla and long-range version of the e6 range of more than 400 kilometers away, other electric cars are not more than 300 kilometers, even under 200 kilometers and generally. The range city walking enough, a little distance but long distance 636 f7079e799bee5baa631333337396164 wouldn't work. Although the country has a few such as the beijing-shanghai high-speed highway construction in a series of charging stations, but the charging stations far cannot satisfy the requirement. What's worse, once opened the car air conditioning, heating devices, such as battery will reduce further. High speed performance is poor. In contrast to the low, motor torque at high speed will drop dramatically. As a result, most electric vehicles in more than 80 kilometers per hour level of performance is not as gasoline vehicles. Performance on speed, most of the electric car 0 to 50 km speed is below 5 s, but hundreds of kilometers acceleration over 12 seconds. To make matters worse, the higher the speed, the higher the energy consumption. Such as the e6 range while travelling at speed of 60 km uniform as high as 371 km, and range while travelling at a constant speed of 100 km per hour is only 252 km. Heavy vehicle. Due to the battery energy density is far less than that of gasoline, 50 liters of gasoline is equivalent to 2700 kg lithium battery energy) , so most of the electric car body is heavy than the same level of gasoline vehicles. Such as tesla weighing up to 2. 1 ton, the e6 in 2. 3 tons. This makes the electric car is relatively heavy, and not what cross-country performance
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