Eliminate peculiar smell inside the car what's the best car in addition to the peculiar smell with what

by:DEFUS     2020-06-17
Eliminate peculiar smell inside the car what the car in addition to the peculiar smell with what is best in car use for a long time, if you don't pay attention to the sanitation vehicles, often easy to produce peculiar smell in the car. Once appear, peculiar smell, we need to find a way to eliminate peculiar smell. So, what is the best way to eliminate peculiar smell inside the car? Let's take a look. Eliminate peculiar smell inside the car with what low open doors and Windows and ventilation can make gas natural hair interior odor cancer-causing how except for gas and peculiar smell inside the car owners in daily use, especially a new car, make a drive before, first opened the doors and Windows to let the air circulation of the car of poisonous gas dilution. Also as much as possible in the process of driving a window, let the wind blow the gas inside the car away, still can help new car quickly dispel peculiar smell, by the way. How low odor activated carbon is placed in the car the car cause cancer in addition to the car gas odor and smell the car how to cause cancer in addition to the car gas odor and activated carbon has a lot of capillary, the capillary with strong adsorption. When toxic gas in the air in contact with the active carbon can be adsorbed on the capillary tube have the effect of clean air. Advice about the application of activated carbon has very perfect, the owners were placed in the activated carbon. After all, it is not any space, no harm, the outer packing is good, on the car it can silently for you to provide clean air for a long time. To professional maintenance shop to do the light catalyst to remove toxic gas in the car smell cancer how the car gas odor and photocatalytic removal is a nanoscale metal oxide material, it is coated on the substrate surface, under the action of light, a strong catalytic degradation function: can effectively degrade toxic or harmful gases in the air. Can effectively kill several kinds of bacteria and the bacteria or fungi release toxins decomposition and disposal; At the same time also have deodorization, anti-pollution, etc. Peculiar smell inside the car how to cause cancer in addition to the car gas odor and do a light catalyst 300 - is the cost 600 yuan between, have the economic conditions of the owner can consider to do the maintenance regularly. Low unit car in addition to flavor machine decomposition gas air in addition to taste, with IP reactive oxygen species in addition to taste sterilization, pictured above DGQ car in addition to taste. Because IP ros production is pure electrolytic reaction, so there is no need to change material, that is, the owner can use an infinite loop, is very convenient. It is important that DGQ car in addition to flavor, is active in addition to taste principle of toxic molecules are broken down into harmless gas, can get rid of the smell, really kill bacteria inside the car and toxic substances. So this is DGQ automotive except flavour and car purifier is the most different places. The car in addition to the peculiar smell with what the best 1, reduce the odor source odor removal of the best and the most practical method, is to reduce the odor source. Such as moldy MATS, seat, clothings, ashtray ashtray, cigarette butts, etc. , the taste of these impurities mixed in carriages and evaporator, especially in the summer, will become more strange, more difficult to endure. So to adhere to clean up the car and load, as far as possible don't put the shoes, clothes, dirty towels in the car for a long time. Always clean, glove box, ashtrays, smoking car to shut down air conditioning open the Windows. Summer if the car parked in the sun, the temperature of the car will be as high as 60 degrees Celsius, so food and fruit to take away in time. 2, onion onion, then divided thorn nose can smell? That's for sure. Remember to read an introduction in a television program: cut pieces of onion, put in water, stir, and then placed in the new decorating the room, but in addition to the peculiar smell. This method is flexible slightly, can use in the car. Cut the onion into four pieces in the car, according to ms ma said to be very effective. 3, Mr Xu vinegar has recently bought a new car, finally have their own that call a happy, but the pungent smell in the car to let Mr Xu is very disturbing, it's should be the words of the lyrics 'let me glad let me sorrow'. Open the window can speed up the odor of sending out, but always can't a person to leave the car with the window open. It doesn't, smart tips about Mr Xu has simple and convenient, which is vinegar. New car smell are often a symptom of in-car air pollution, may be the release of formaldehyde and benzene these harmful material. In you, you don't use it to play a small bucket of water, add some vinegar, in the car, try a few times more, the smell will gradually disappear. The reason is: water can adsorb formaldehyde, vinegar can have the effect of stability of formaldehyde. 4, orange owner Mr Yao folk prescription is orange. He said he had tried several kinds of fruit, remove the peculiar smell, feeling put orange best. If so, you also try, the orange is cheaper than the pineapple and lemon. I think, if the orange apple, sure can. 5, pineapple a day sit friend's car, saw him lying on the back seat of a pineapple, some ni. Rolled to a halt, it will which were ga zi ng to go up. Friends said that pineapple is used to improve the air inside the car. 'I saw a sauna is put pineapple can in addition to flavor, so try to use in the car, didn't expect good results. It only took me two yuan, pineapple put two or three days, it is the smell of car 'absorption of light. ”
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