Fully automatic ultrasonic carburetor cleaner

by:DEFUS     2020-06-02
Automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine carburetor

release date: 2015 - 1 - 5 14:25:54

we all know the heart of the carburetor engine working system, carburetor whether quality is directly related to the engine working condition, high quality and good performance of the carburetor can save fuel consumption. Because the carburetor and fuel for a long time contact, time is long dirt phenomenon will occur and affect the carburetor and engine performance. For carburetor dirt, usually carburetor cleaner is used to deal with, but the cleaning thoroughly enough. And there are some of the cleaning equipment mainly adopt the method of high temperature hot water soaking and flushing, while improving the efficiency of the cleaning, but because of the complexity of the automobile carburetor and oil strong adhesion, cleaning thoroughly enough. To this end, we use ultrasonic cleaning technology, and high temperature soaking characteristics, fully automatic ultrasonic carburetor cleaning equipment is developed, to realize the mechanization and automation of automobile carburetor cleaning.

automatic ultrasonic automobile carburetor cleaning machine is mainly composed of mechanical drive system, ultrasonic system, heating system, drying system, water supply and drainage system and electric control system and so on six parts. Mechanical transmission system with centrifugal pipeline under sewage pump; Under ultrasonic system with high temperature water tank device, transducer device, etc. ; Heating system under heating device; Under the drying system containing drying equipment, etc.

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