Glass water add alcohol what effect is there? Glass can water against the water

by:DEFUS     2020-06-19
Some owners felt more alcohol in the glass of water, a glass of water concentration increased, not only auto glass cleaning cleaner, winter antifreeze ability also increases, so it isn't it, China auto parts below small make up with all of you on the glass of water add alcohol what effect is there? Glass can water against the water? Glass water add alcohol what we all know that high quality car windshield water is mainly composed of water, alcohol, ethylene glycol, corrosion inhibitor and a variety of surfactant. It seems that alcohol is also an important part of the glass of water, so what role alcohol in a glass of water, it turns out that alcohol low freezing point, glass water add alcohol can significantly reduce the freezing point of the solution, which have the effect of frost, can quickly dissolve frost, in cold winter, auto glass will not bring trouble to the owner for freezing water, in addition, the glass of water and alcohol is to glass spray water on the automobile glass can evaporate as quickly as possible, a trace. Small make up, however, said the extra on the glass in the water to join the alcohol is very dangerous, because alcohol with high volatile, holding the glass containers of water are sealed in the engine compartment, once the alcohol evaporate into the certain concentration, the heat coming from the engine or would burn sparks due to short circuit, caused a fire damage to vehicles. In addition, if alcohol is much, not only damage the car paint surface gloss, hardness of rubber strip, serious still can cause rubber parts or other plastic produce off color, solution, etc. And after water in cleaning the glass, glass flow near the air inlet to air conditioning, water glass volatile odor will be along the car air conditioning ventilating duct into the indoor driving. Inferior the volatilization of alcohol is harmful gas, will become the stealth owners detrimental to health killer. Therefore, do not recommend alcoholic substances are used as additive in glass of water. Especially your DIY unable to grasp the proportion of cases, even greater risk. Glass of water can water? Small make up think, in addition to solid water glass and explains requirements against the concentrated water glass of water, to water in proportion and other glass water don't recommend against the use, because the water reduces the concentration of water glass, is not suitable for use. When other people in the water must be against the pure water, tap water is not recommended to add oh, because there are impurities in water, can jam glass water fuel injector nozzle. Auto glass water types according to the temperature of antifreeze, glass of water generally divided into the summer, the four seasons general, anti-freezing type (1) the summer summer glass water generally no anti-freezing effect of freezing point in 0 ℃ or so normally, summer type glass water usually add detergent to remove the gum, shellac, ensure better cleaning effect. (2) type antifreeze antifreeze glass usually from - the freezing point of water 10 ℃ to - 80 ℃, which is more suitable for use in northern cold region. (3) of the four seasons type universal generic seasons are glass water anti-freeze capability, usually in - their freezing point 20 ℃ or so, but for the extremely cold area, the four seasons type glass water obviously can't satisfy the use of local needs. According to the different concentration, glass of water for enrichment type and concentrated type (1) concentrated concentrated water glass is also called the wiper, divided into two kinds of solid and liquid, they all need to add another pure water dilution. Compared to the concentrated water glass, the volume of their smaller, more portable. (2) not concentrated concentrated glass of water is also the most common common glass of water, we can be used directly. Glass water unless special instructions, is therefore does not recommend against the use of water, especially the anti-freezing type glass of water, if you water use, in the cold winter, a glass of water ice, not only has influence to the pipeline, also may be freezing water glass motor, that thed loss outweights the gain. Alcohol is added above about 'glass water what effect is there? A glass of water to the content of the water? 'small make up is introduced here, hope useful for everyone. More auto parts information, please attention.
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