Half shaft screw loose what harm half shaft screw what reason is easy to loose?

by:DEFUS     2020-06-25
Half shaft screw loose what harm half shaft screw what reason is easy to loose? Loose screw is a common phenomenon in the process of assembly. There may be a larger gap and improper locking measures. It is recommended that you choose and locking measures, for example, according to the actual situation of half shaft screw add trampoline. What harm half shaft axle shaft screw bolt loosening, the drive shaft may fall apart, will lead to a rollover, affect traffic safety, should cause the attention of the driver, repairman. Case 1: a professional motor transport unit, a dongfeng truck driving shaft ring badly, the driver heard after parking, pull the parking brake, check the car. Found that the shaft after the back four bolts has lost three, the last one is going to fall off. Drivers with tools and prepare the shaft bolt under the car, prepare yourself to drive shaft bolt. Due to transmission fork dislocation, the pilot made will never drive shaft bolt mount, he wants to remove the last transmission shaft bolt. It is a pity that when he removed the last transmission shaft bolt, vehicle sliding forward, relentlessly to the pilot run. What reason is half shaft screw loose easily? Half shaft ( 驱动轴) Also known as the drive shaft ( CVJ CV接头,恒定速度联合) Is the differential and the drive wheel connecting shaft. Is half shaft gear reducer and driving wheel torque between the shaft and its inside and outside on one side of a universal joint ( U/JOINT) Respectively through the turn key on the universal joint and gear reducer and wheel hub bearing inner ring connection. Screw stress non-uniform solution: two screws to tighten the screws outside first and then tried to loosen the screw inside so the screw will not have loose or punched fiber squirts fixed on the screw. Loose screw by vibration is larger, it is easy to produce, according to gradually tighten the diagonal position; Also can add check back cushion! This problem is more complex. Has long been a liberation of CA141 half shaft gong wire looseness is notoriously difficult. Is loose after gong wire break half shaft. The first. Check the cone type elastic cushion. And half shaft on the screw hole is too big. The ellipse. Check whether half shaft and differential half axle gear clearance is too large. And the basin with the Angle tooth clearance. And differential shell with fixed gong wire driven cylindrical gear is loose shaft imbalance. Drive shaft unbalance to exceed 100 grams, cm, cause jitter occurs while the transmission shaft, due to jitter transmission shaft bolt is loose. Because there is no fundamental problem solving, simple clamp, use for a long time not loose again. Amount of balance shaft and on the following aspects: the shaft radial runout amount is too large; Caused by fitting size did not meet the accuracy requirements, flange fork positioning check mouth too tight or too loose, make two flange axis is not easy to overlap when installation; Drive shaft axis tube bending deformation, concave; At the ends of the drive shaft universal joint cross shaft centerline is not in the same plane, not to rotate at a constant speed. ( 2) The shaft of the fittings is not in conformity with the requirements. Seam allowance on the flange diameter; The inner diameter of the flange bolt hole is too large; Use the unqualified shaft bolt, these unqualified parts fit clearance is too large. When the engine speed changes, the shear force of bolt generate oscillation in the hole, bolt is easy to loose. Here should be specifically mustn't use ordinary bolts. Steyr series shaft bolt for high strength bolt, M12X1. 5 x37, M16X1。 5×,M16Xl。 5 x47 several, and equipped with self-locking nuts. The shaft bolt tightening torque of 115 nm ( M12X1。 5X37) And 295 nm ( M16X1。 5开发)x47 。
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