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by:DEFUS     2020-03-31
The end will come, your car will accompany you to visit old friends, visiting relatives? So when the car and you make small mood? Come DEFUS fuel injectorchange oil center, let us show you master car maintenance knowledge, the escort for the health of your car. Let's solve the problem of some of the common maintenance. 1, how long change engine oil? How much oil each time need to change? About the oil change cycle and dosage is everybody pay particular attention to problem, the most direct is to view their appliance maintenance manuals, they usually have very clear introduction. But there are also many people maintenance manual would have vanished, at that moment, you have to know a lot about the. In general, and automobile 4 s inn is 5000 kilometers, meijia embellish for engine oil can reach 1 w kilometers of security, to the professional maintenance shop can solve these problems! 2, filling or supplement oil how many amount? More will increase the resistance of the engine operation, consume more fuel; Recommended when filling or add oil, had better make the oil level in oil between the maximum and minimum scale of the scale, must not more than the largest scale line, also should not be lower than the minimum scale. 3, winter low temperature area, liquidity of lubricating oil significantly decreased, resulting in the car engine running resistance increase, at this time to protect the engine, should choose the low temperature liquid fully synthetic lubricants. Choose good brand, through formal channels to purchase, pay attention to the common sense oil change, only in this way, can we really make frame in different seasons clashing of car to get around the soft care and protection. Car maintenance to meijia embellish oil change center, high quality products, excellent service, professional to do your car for 21 items check, let you travel the whole season, secure, happy journey life, start from DEFUS.
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