Honda is which country

by:DEFUS     2020-06-16
Honda is Honda co. , LTD ( Honda sg industrial co. , LTD) Is the world's largest motorcycle manufacturers, automobile production and scale them among the ten largest car fuel injector manufacturer in the world. Founded in October 1946, the company was established in September 1948, is a legend, founder soichiro Honda. Company headquarters in Tokyo, employees a total of about 180000 people. Now, the company is a multinational auto, motorcycle production and sales group. Its products in addition to the automobile, motorcycle, generator, agricultural machinery and other machinery products. In 2017 the BrandZ top 100 most valuable brands in the world, Honda ( Honda) Cars in 121. $6. 3 billion ranked no. 91. On July 19, 2018, 'fortune' the world top 500 ranking, Honda was 30. On February 19, 2019, Japanese car makers Honda is preparing to announced the closure of its swindon (in the UK 斯文顿) In the factory. In October 2019, the global brand the top ranking released Interbrand 21. Brand introduction Honda legend: people-oriented, create a better future. Honda's mode of operation is very flexible. Set of Honda in the United States market sales in the United States has more than 1991 Chrysler in third place. Honda accord and civic cars over the years by the user as the best quality and the most popular cars. In Europe, Honda also established a branch in the UK. Honda car production has up to about 3 million vehicles. Honda started in 1948 to produce bicycle power engine, Honda has developed into 2012 from small general motor cars, scooters and even in various fields such as has the original technology, and continuously research and development, the production of new products. From the beginning, Honda has been in line with the idea of 'let customer satisfaction' all over the world constantly develop her own career. In 2012, excluding Japan, Honda in 29 countries around the world has more than 120 production base, product include motorcycles, cars and general product, the patronage of customers more than 17 million each year. At the same time, Honda also actively fulfill social responsibility as a corporate citizen, to explore the solution of environmental protection and safety. Honda technology research institute is in Japan today and the rest of the world auto industry, has a great influence in the world. In corporate Japan, Honda is synonymous with technology and energy, is also extremely yearned for many college graduates employment goals. Honda's new energy vehicles are also committed to the research. Honor obtained in October 2019, Honda on the intelligent driving technology patent applications in the field of the top 10 companies/institutions, ranking fourth. In January, 2020, 500 in 2020, the world's most valuable brands list, Honda ranked 45th. Identify Honda brand design team is established in the 80 s, from around the world more than 2500 design sketches, determine the three-stringed trademark sound box type, also is the 'H' belt box, design of H is 'Honda' Honda's first letter in English. This logo reflects the technology innovation, the worker is perfect and operating characteristics of solid, as well as tension and lightness. Honda logo (founded in 1946 Honda sg industry company Honda motor co. ) And use their own surnames as the company's name and logo. 'H' is 'HONDA' and 'HONDA motorcycle graphics trademark, pinyin is' HONDA 'Japanese' HONDA 'first capital letter. Honda the letters from the trademark 'HM' is the abbreviation of 'HONDAMOTOR', on the two letters have the wings of the eagle, is a symbol of 'leap and Honda Honda technology promising'. 'People and cars, cars and the environment harmony' is the development direction of the company; Dynamic, luxurious, smooth is the consistent style of the company; Design slouches, low fuel consumption, low pollution is the technical target of Honda engine; Rely on advanced and practical design, excellent manufacturing quality and relatively low price, to attract more customers is the aim of the Honda. 'H' brand, the world famous brand, is the company insist on this, is the soul of the company success. In 1960, the 'H' trademark for the first time used on S500 sports car, 'H' logo with Honda racing, held in Mexico in 1965 F1 car competition to win the world, and in the second year of F2 car competition victory; What makes Honda brilliant is made at the Italian grand prix in 1967 F1 champion. In 1969, Honda to highlight the image of the eagle, use the 'H' trademark of running. In 1980, in order to reflect the company's young, advanced technology and the characteristics of novel design, decided to use 'H' shaped as a three-stringed speakers trademark, the trademark, business strong, the technology innovation, unity, up tension and light touch reflect incisively and vividly
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