How about continental tires tires the influential nails continue to use?

by:DEFUS     2020-06-23
How about continental tires tires the influential nails continue to use? Believe that everyone has heard of continental tires. Included in the guinness book of world records the world's only approved driving at a speed of 360 kilometers per hour road tires. Of course, for a small white some beginners, understanding of continental tyre products may not be very deep. So, continental tyre? Let's start from brand strength. Continental tyre how continental mainland continental tyre trading ( Shanghai) Co. , LTD. , under German continental group, founded in 1871, started in production of rubber products, solid carriage and bicycle tyre. After one hundred years of history, continental brand is already the world's leading braking system, chassis parts, vehicle electronics, tires and high-tech rubber supplier, in terms of brand is to be reckoned with. And its tires, can be said to be the tire market leading companies in Europe, European have a every factory three cars installed the German continental tyres, share is very high. The advantages and disadvantages of continental tyre continental tyre is embodied in the control and the advantages of safety, to know the continental snow tire is one of the world the only can reach more than four tires (friction coefficient The four seasons is on the high side) , almost all of the Antarctic expedition car are made of continental tires. Not only improve vehicle handling performance, even in the rough road traffic can maintain good stability, to a certain extent, improved the security of driving. Followed by the quiet of the tire, currently on the market more common CC5, MC5 and CPC2 series, with 3 d active noise reduction coefficient, using the groove between the resonance of the tire and decorative pattern, can be effectively offset and dispersed each pattern piece before the noise, providing fairly comfortable driving environment. Tires affect continue to use the nail when tires nail leak on rainy days, you can't continue to use, should be timely will be parked in a safe place, and make a phone call to seek relief. Never thought that after the leak can continue to use, not only cause irreversible damage to tire inner wall and hub, there will not only fill a tire so simple. Second, has a great influence on the manipulation of the car performance is, especially in rainy day driving, is very dependent on tyre performance, if there is a leak at this time nature is there is a big security hidden danger. , of course, if just slow leak even almost feel, keep low speed until recently motor repair shop is not no, but must be planned route before driving, check the motor repair shop where recently, as far as possible in the shortest distance to arrive at the destination. But if the latest motor repair shop from very far, it is better to don't take the risk, after all, the influence of tire is to be reckoned with. So, if the tyre is pierced no leakage, in fact is can continue to use, but if left untreated, can lead to different degree of influence. Especially in rainy day it is poor road conditions, is likely to damage to the tyre steel wire and cord fabric layer. Second, now on the market a lot of tyres have popularized the vacuum tyre direction, to realize this kind of tyre is no inner tube, if long time not been nail the wounds of the processing, is likely to lead to crack is more and more serious, even directly occurrence blowout phenomenon. So, even if there are no air leakage phenomenon, but also need to deal as soon as possible to the motor repair shop. How about more than about 'horse' brand tires tires nail affect continue to use 'the content of the small make up is introduced here, hope useful for everyone. More auto parts information, please attention. , your car's warm harbor!
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