How about kumho tire quality kumho tires to use

by:DEFUS     2020-06-21
Kumho tire quality how kumho tires works, today ( ) Small make up to bring about is kumho tire quality kumho tires works, please answer, hope you can like it. Kumho tire quality how to kumho tire is familiar with the brand the general owners, many new original is kumho tire, but for some not too concerned about car friend at ordinary times is strange; Is known to most people and can say no more than is France Michelin, Goodyear, America, and Italy pirelli and giti tire, as can be seen on the streets of domestic most hanging tire stores and garage are these brands, so how about kumho tire quality, it is which country's brand, how long the life and the mileage? Kumho tire belongs to south Korean brand, founded in 1960, since the 1960 s development up to now, has more than 50 years of development history, in the world has four technical research and development center, located in kwangju, tianjin, China, the akron states, Birmingham, UK, has become one of the large tire manufacturing enterprises in the world, products cover passenger car tires, commercial vehicle tires, high-tech tires and so on more than one category. Kumho tires into the Chinese market for 20 years, the scale of production to reach $30 million in China; 3, 2011. 15 party exposure kumho tire with recycled material to tire quality decline, about kumho tire quality about this problem, believe that over the years, this kind of phenomenon has long been under control; On April 26, 2017, one of the world's biggest carmaker, general motors officially awarded kumho tire 2016 'best supplier of the year' honor. It is reported, this is after 2013, kumho tire second won the honor, gm give kumho tire highly at the awards ceremony, and announced the award, award, bridgestone and Michelin tires enterprises at the same time. On March 2, 2018, Qingdao double star with South Korea kumho tires of creditor's rights group headed by industrial bank agreed, Qingdao doublestar capital will owns a 45% stake in kumho tire, and become the controlling shareholder. On April 1, 2018, Han Guojin lake tyre unions vote finally agreed to sell the company to China Qingdao doublestar. Kumho tires to use kumho tire mid-range positioning, the wheel hub specifications for the most part focused on the 18 inches below, 13 inches, mainly adapted in medium and small cars. Determine the price of kumho tire location can not be compared with high-end brands such as Michelin, continental, but its durability and economical comparison is outstanding, in the low-end tires price is very high. Economical and practical, cost-effective is the greatest characteristic of kumho tire, coupled with the joint venture of the hard, durable performance, or a number of owner's approval. Product features economy tyre: fuel-efficient, price cheap and good abrasion resistance, but lack of grip, poor safety; Comfort tyre: good quiet comfort, fuel-efficient and abrasion resistance performance is good, but the poor handling; Sport tires: good drainage, short braking distance, cornering through sex good, grip strength, good handling, also don't wear, noise; High performance tire: better grip sex, drainage ability is more outstanding, flat degree is lower, horizontal surface is more wide, but not wear-resisting, noise is big. Product series ECSTA ( Wing chi) LX: 'Premium' series of high-end products, the tread pattern design and body cord tension distribution is optimized, thus improve the durability, abrasion resistance and braking performance of the tire; ECSTA ( Wing chi) Wing LE SPORT: high performance luxury SPORT tyre loose hot unique design; CRUGEN Premium: in the process of walking, horizontal capillary tread pattern can filter out most of the rolling noise; ROAD VENTURE SAT: using the basic is the longitudinal direction of the tread pattern, between off-road performance and city ROAD walking performance, to seek a perfect balance. The above is the small make up to bring us kumho tire quality how kumho tires works, hope to be of service, pay more attention to the accessories of knowledge information please ( )
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