How do you use the automatic sensing wipers? Working principle of the automatic sensing wipers is what

by:DEFUS     2020-06-21
With the development of science and technology, more and more advanced cars. From the original manual to automatic city, now has the original simple power hybrid up to now. Class in step. Not only more and more beautiful appearance but also improve the some equipment performance, then China auto parts under the small make up with all of you on how to use automatic induction wipers? Working principle of the automatic sensing wipers is what? How to use automatic induction wipers OFF - — The former wiper stop working state. INT— — It is automatically intermittent work. As long as putting down a lattice and wiper will work automatically in the form of intermittent began. This gear must be manually reset. They apply light snow. INT is one of my most used wiper works, besides INT gear under the various use cases. LO— — Is a continuous work. As long as putting down again, wiper will automatically work with continuous operation at rate. Also need to manually reset the gear, suitable for large rain and snow weather. HI— — Is a continuous work at a high speed. As long as putting down to the end, wiper can work at high speed. Need to manually reset the gear, applicable to weather the storm. Generally in the case of torrential rain, even if the wipers, there is no effect to the highest speed, the best way, is to open double jump lamp, pull over, such as the rain hit the road again after. Before the cleaning operation is, will push rod toward their direction ( Also can saying is the palm direction, so it can blocked before spraying and cleaning. Automatic reset, let go or stop water spray, water wiper later in stop working. What is working principle of the automatic sensing wipers induction wipers can pass induction raindrops the size of the rainfall sensor, automatic adjust the wiper speed, provide a good vision for drivers, thus greatly improve the convenience and safety of rainy days drive. Two kinds of mainstream sensor widely used optical sensor and capacitive sensors. Optical sensor is based on the principle of refraction of light. In optical sensor has a light emitting diode, it sent a bunch of conical light, the light through the windscreen. When the windshield without the rain, in the dry state, almost all of the light will reflect on an optical sensor, when it rains, the windshield there will be rain, part of the light will deviate from, which creates a sensor receives the light of the change of the total, which detects the presence of rain. The area of the optical sensor to receive the reflected light, the greater the information more detailed. Optical sensor is very accurate, even could be accurately judge the fall in the number of raindrops on the sensing area. The other is a capacitive sensor, it is mainly used to design the dramatic differences between the dielectric constant of water and glass, many (80), the dielectric constant of water glass dielectric constant is 2. Typically, the two finger metal plates in parallel state between the inner and outer is put in the windshield, a set of staggered finger metal plates, but do not touch other finger metal plates. When the windshield in the dry state, external surface of the windshield and each group of finger metal plate is formed between the dielectric. When the windshield wet, according to the amount of water in contact with the windshield, windshield different changes of dielectric constant. If the sensor is installed on the surface of the windshield or close to the surface under the windshield, the sensors work is good, because such installation of sensors play the best sensitivity. Disadvantage is that the capacitive sensor installed on the outer surface of the windshield will produce the same problem as the resistance sensor, the metal coating under the long-term work of wiper will soon be scraped from the windshield. More about 'how do you use the automatic sensing wipers? Working principle of the automatic sensing wipers what is the content of the 'small make up is introduced here, hope useful for everyone. More auto parts information, please attention.
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