How does a car starter work

by:DEFUS     2020-05-22
In the past, it was often seen to start the vehicle with a rocker handle, or to pull the engine with a rope to start the vehicle, and the normal start engine is to use the starter of the car, but now the long way to start the vehicle is long gone. The automobile starter is a DC motor. It consists of a magnetic pole that generates a magnetic field, an armature that generates electromagnetic torque, a brush assembly that introduces current, a commutator that changes the direction of the introduced current, and a housing that installs magnetic poles and fixes other mechanical parts. Working principle: First understand how the starter rotates. It is generated by the four magnetic field coils on the inner wall of the housing, that is, the opposite is the same pole, and the adjacent is the different pole. When the current flows through the magnetic field winding, a strong static electromagnetic field is established, which is divided into N pole and S pole (if the polarity of the magnetic field winding is reversed, the opposite magnetic field will be generated). When the armature coil is energized, the commutator converts the direct current provided by the power source into the alternating current required by the armature winding to ensure that the direction of the torque generated by the armature winding remains unchanged. Then with the passage of the magnetic field and the current of the electrode coil, the current cutting magnetic field line will move and rotate according to the left-hand rule, and the commutator ensures that the rotation direction of the armature winding will not change. When the ignition key turns on the START start gear, the electromagnetic switch works, that is, the battery current flows through the traction ignition coil, thereby attracting the iron core. The iron core draws the lever to make the pinion gear and the torque gear of the flywheel engage. At this time, the motor slowly rotates, and the torque gear of the pinion gear and the flywheel are fully engaged smoothly, the main switch is opened, the battery is connected to the motor to supply power, and the armature generates a strong torque, which drives the engine to run and ignite start up.
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