How does the car ignition coil work

by:DEFUS     2020-05-22
With the continuous development of automobile gasoline engines, the traditional ignition system has been unable to adapt to the current demand for emissions, high engine speed, high power and torque. Today's engines pay more attention to the ignition timing system. As an important part of the ignition device, the ignition coil and ignition equipment are very important. To increase the energy of the ignition coil, the spark plug can generate enough sparks. This improves the full combustion of the engine mixture, improves engine power and torque, and emissions. Automotive ignition coil: There are two sets of coils in the ignition coil, namely the primary coil and the secondary coil. Primary coil: The primary coil is thicker (usually about 0.5--1mm) enameled wire and is wound around 200-500 turns. Secondary coil: The secondary coil is made of thinner (usually about 0.1mm) enameled wire, which is wound around 15,000--25,000 turns. One end of the primary coil is connected to the low-voltage positive power supply on the vehicle, and the other end is connected to the output end of the high-voltage line to output high-voltage electricity. According to the magnetic circuit, the ignition coil can be generally divided into two types: open magnetic type and closed magnetic type. The working principle of the ignition coil: The ignition coil can transform the low voltage electricity on the vehicle into high voltage electricity, which has the same form as the ordinary transformer, that is, the ratio of the number of turns of the primary coil to the number of turns of the secondary coil is large . However, their working methods are different. Ordinary transformers work continuously, while the ignition coil works intermittently. It can repeatedly store and discharge energy at different frequencies according to different engine speeds. But when the first few coils are connected to the power supply, a strong magnetic field is generated around the current as the current increases, and the magnetic energy stored in the iron core. When the switching device disconnects the primary coil circuit, the magnetic field of the primary coil rapidly attenuates, and the secondary coil induces a high voltage. The faster the magnetic field of the stimulation coil disappears, the greater the current at the moment of current disconnection. The greater the turns ratio of the two coils, the higher the voltage induced by the secondary coil. General ignition coil failure: 1. The ignition coil winding is short-circuited, so that the voltage generated by the ignition coil is too low and the ignition is weak. 2. The ignition coil is short-circuited or grounded, no high-voltage electricity is generated, and ignition is impossible. 3. The oil on the surface of the ignition coil is damp, causing the discharge of the ignition coil. 4. The insulation of the ignition coil is aging, and the discharge short circuit occurs at high temperature and high pressure, which results in the turns ratio of the secondary coil and the secondary coil of the ignition coil becoming smaller. The output voltage generated by the secondary coil is low, causing poor ignition of the spark plug. If it is to judge whether the ignition coil is good or not, it is generally to connect the detected ignition coil and the good ignition coil respectively for comparison, to see whether the spark intensity they produce is the same, to judge the quality of the ignition coil.
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