How long how many kilometers in the gearbox oil transmission oil change one of the most appropriate?

by:DEFUS     2020-06-22
How long how many kilometers in the gearbox oil transmission oil change one of the most appropriate? Usually, automotive automatic transmission need to be replaced every two years or 40000 kilometers a automatic transmission fluid ( ATF) 。 But it also depends on the model, different models have different requirements. For the Japanese model, it is suggested that changing once every 40000 to 80000 kilometers. Suggestions to higher speeds replacement car, about 40000 km. How many kilometers in transmission oil is new or used car, after using for a long time, we are going to do a maintenance, then the change of various oil is a top priority for maintenance. Which you understand better is likely to be oil change, to change water glass brake fluid, antifreeze, etc. , this is one of the most easy to ignore the gearbox oil. Except for transmission oil change up more expensive, the most important thing is that most people don't have the consciousness that I'm going to change the transmission oil, even some people don't know how much time should be taken to change the transmission oil, let's talk about some knowledge of the transmission oil. Transmission oil according to the types of transmission can be divided into two kinds, one kind is two kinds of manual transmission and automatic transmission oil. Transmission oil usually has three, first must be heat dissipation. Work between gear, it will produce a lot of heat, need lubricating oil for heat dissipation. The second is the lubrication, gear combination of more smoothly. The third is to clean, maintain the cleanness of gear system, prolong the service life of gear. Because car market after the threshold is lower, then car maintenance profit space is bigger, a lot of the pusher is tempted to fake commodities, so everyone is buying transmission oil must be cautious when using fake gearbox oil will cause a big damage to our gearbox. First of all, a good chat with you the gearbox oil how to distinguish authenticity. At the time of maintenance of vehicles to replace transmission oil, first we should first smell of the gearbox oil, usually under the condition of our transmission oil quality goods, it will have a focal flavour, the second is to see the bubbles, bubbles are invisible to authentic oil after shaking, is rarely say that there are air bubbles. The third is to see us a gearbox oil liquid, the real thing hanging bottle oil after long time hanging in our bottle wall. The fourth is to see consistency, authentic oil viscosity is very big, stick in the hand is not easy to remove, and can pull out silk thread. How long is the transmission oil to replace one of the most appropriate? If your car is automatic-shift cars, transmission oil replaced every 60000 kilometers. But different models, or a different brand, described by the replacement cycle of car maintenance manual is different also. Some models will need to replace a 40000 km, in this case, you also don't be so suspicious, according to the car maintenance manual gearbox change oil. How long is the transmission oil to replace one of the most appropriate? 60000 kilometers is not change, a big mistake when need to replace in advance? That is driving your car regularly in some rugged road, or the load is very large, and the owner often violent, driving is a 40000 km once the limit. If you don't have these problems, can completely replace a piece to 60000 kilometers, and the change of time, it is good to must choose quality transmission oil. If your car is manual car, although can free maintenance for life, but really open to a certain mileage, transmission oil will deteriorate, and oil is very poor. You don't forget, manual car because need frequent manual shift, has a high requirement for transmission. Don't change in time, so the transmission fluid will not only reduce the lubrication effect, still can make the service life of gearbox, runs at ordinary times also have obvious sense of frustration.
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