How long how much automobile gear oil automobile gear oil change at a time

by:DEFUS     2020-06-23
How long how much money in automobile gear oil automobile gear oil in an automobile gear oil can prevent the start wear, and has a good anticorrosive and anti-corrosion properties. How often do automobile gear oil change at a time? Let's look at the automatic gear oil change cycle. Five thousand kilometers in automobile gear oil how much is the normal maintenance (oil change Contain oil filter) Once, once every ten thousand kilometers in air filter. Fifteen thousand kilometers in a fuel filter, if aging rupture, serious damage to the engine, oil is to consider the reliability and durability of line by the user. Best if you plan to more than 20000 km to change the oil must remember 10000 km when an oil change. Despite the necessity and economy of each 5000 m km engine oil change can give maximum protection. If normal, 5000 kilometers, or once every three months to change the motor oil, 30000 km a year, or change direction of wave tank, engine oil, brake oil, check the water tank, fan belt, 6 - Replace the timing belt in 80000 kilometers, generally don't have to change the chain, fifty thousand companies in points of fire, accident unless it is broken. 3 - 50000 kilometers check the spark plug, spark plug gap is 0. 8 mm, more than adjust or change, the original brake can normal use of 50000 km, 2 - after replacement 30000 km to check back, except gray or wild normally 3 months in 5000 to 10000 kilometers, a best if you don't often open it for 3 months in a normal oil change period is 5000 km, if you drive less than 5000 km, must be in half a year, this is the most correct. A automobile gear oil, such as by regular oil change, oil change period according to the product quality and the conditions of use and the corresponding provisions; General new gear oil change is in commonly 1500 km or so for the first time, in order to timely release early wear particles; The second is about 3000 km; 16000 - in the future About 24000 km. With the development of technology, the service life of automobile gear oil are also changing constantly. Previous automobile gear oil is in commonly forty thousand km began to change one more time. Now due to the development of the technology and auto parts production specifications, so that demand for all kinds of oil products is also improved. A simple example in the luxury car to general gear oil price, so internal gear is definitely not good for the car. As for when to replace the automobile gear oil, the need to the owner according to the specific situation, make a comprehensive multi-angle comprehensive consideration, so as to improve the cycle of replacement. Usually can choose in the replacement of a gear oil should be five to sixty thousand kilometers, which can effectively improve the efficiency of the engine power gear transmission. How long is the automobile gear oil in a gear oil change steps before changing gear oil, must carry on the warm car, so as to make the car in a normal temperature. Step 1: pull down gear we should first find the position of odometer line on the gearbox, and then carefully removed odometer spool cover, then slowly twitch plastic pinion, this step is very important, specific talk about why behind. Step 2: put the old gear oil transmission gear oil drain plug, put the net originally old gear oil, then tighten the drain plug. Be sure to put clean the inside of the old oil, to prevent pollution of the new gear oil. Step 3: add gear oil and then starting on the odometer axis hole filling gear oil, add the note position to join the oil level of gear oil with super F line, filling at the same time, try to be careful to prevent oil spill to the outside. Step 4: reinstall gear will have been pulled down, carefully, to install, best according to the installation and operating instructions can't appear less installation of spare parts. Review: at the time of change gear oil, the best early dismantling axis, prevent until find gear oil leakage on again, it becomes very difficult.
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