How long the automobile headlight bulb in a headlight replacement technique

by:DEFUS     2020-06-25
How long automobile headlight bulb in a headlight replacement technique may some auto lamp exposure range is very limited, and in the street lamp fewer roads cannot see the road, let alone the lights without the roads. Then someone may ask why not replace the brightness better light bulb? How long automobile headlight bulb change at present, the car on the market use a type of headlight on this, several common halogen, xenon, LED and intelligent laser headlight, of the several types of light bulbs, in addition to the intelligent laser headlight, other all basic forms of bulb can be replaced, because intelligent laser headlight for exclusive one-piece design, if there is damage, can only replace headlight assembly. In general, and about the rest of the headlight type common for the general halogen and xenon. So-called lens headlight actually right in front of the light bulb increasing convex lens together, this design can make the bulb light fully dispersed in the road, in order to achieve better lighting effect. Need to buy what type of light bulb? In addition to the bulb types, bulb interface is also different. Before buying the light bulb, must first understand their own vehicles bulb interface is used by the model. About this problem we can learn from these aspects: one is to check the vehicle maintenance manual, most of the maintenance manual is wearing parts list will indicate the bulb interface model; Another method is the time for test connections, now most owners after buying will add if you have a national group, so might as well ask in the group at this moment, basically like some love yourself owners know vehicles bulb type. Auto bulb models can be divided into many, the main difference between the base and the different size, common type H1, H3, H4, H7, H8, H9, HB3, HB4, 9004, 9005, D2S, D2C and so on. Currently on the market most models use H4 and H7 interface is more, the Korean cars and Japanese cars use H4 interface, more of this kind of bulb for the distance light unibody design; While the cars use H7 interface, upper beam and the low beam a light bulb; And H1 and H3 is often used in fog light bulbs. Headlight replacement technique to replace headlight bulb does not necessarily need to purchase the so-called original pieces, as long as the light bulb can conform to the relevant inspection regulation, we can choose a few companies produce products can improve lighting effect. The key is to confirm what kind of plug is their car bulbs, for example, we use the Chevrolet cruze is H4 sockets, then must buy the corresponding socket bulb. After complete the bulb replacement, we also need to adjust the height of the light, myself to ensure compliance with yearly check eligibility criteria. Under the low installation: cool car stalled on the state before the replacement headlight bulb, when to avoid replacing light bulbs are parts of the engine hold burns, we want to confirm that the vehicle has been shut down, and cool car state, open the hood. Replacement should be put on the gloves, to protect their own hands, also facilitate the operation. The first step: will the power of the light bulb socket unplug. The second step: after unplug the power interface, will the waterproof cover off behind the light bulb. Step 3: remove bulbs from the reflector. Light bulb is usually fixed by steel wire spring, some models of the bulb with plastic base. Step 4: put new bulbs in a reflector, aim at the fixed screens light bulbs, and hold on both sides of the steel wire spring to push, to fix a new bulb in the reflector. Step 5: to cover the waterproof cover, the light bulb plug and replace operation is complete.
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