How many miles to replace how many kilometers brakes brake pads to run at a time?

by:DEFUS     2020-06-22
How many miles to replace how many kilometers brakes brake pads to run at a time? Cars drive to replace the brake pads before how many kilometers? After listening to the maintenance teacher Fu Yi, I regret not know as early as possible. After buying my car, most friends will conduct regular maintenance. In the maintenance projects, can save unnecessary costs, for some large projects, you must not waste money. For example, brake pads. As a key part of the vehicle, must regularly test and replace in a timely manner. Brake pads how many kilometers we want to get into predictable driving method: that is to stop before you lift the throttle with engine braking action to slow down, such as the front lamp post do this operation sections, intersection, traffic jam, but some owners pursuit of stimulation accelerated the brakes, oil and brake system. As well as for novice drivers afraid vehicle out of control, often put the foot on the brake pedal because there are power system, so make the brakes frequently, we saw the black powder on the wheel is like this. We must get into 'little brakes, much lift the throttle' good habits. Replacement cycle: (1) if it is the original car brake pads, beginners up to 40000-50000 - km have to be replaced, and often to check the degree of wear and tear. (2) if it is old drivers can stick to a 90000-100000 km. You must choose quality goods, (3) in the replacement of the film is too soft or hard, are not suitable for soft hard fee film FeiPan. (4) if it is found that the brake lamp light is mostly brake pads to the limit, brake oil will have less phenomenon at the same time, don't wait to have a metal grating to check again, so easy to hurt the brake disc increase maintenance costs. (5) for drum brake pad, we can only judging by the front wheel brake pads wear degree, because want to check is very complex to unload the brake basin to see summary: light brake small throttle, can reduce the parts replacement cycle and can protect the vehicle suspension system. He le? How many miles to replace a brake pad run? So, how many miles to change a car brake pads? Under normal circumstances, the repair shop return will tell you, run thirty thousand kilometers brakes should be replaced. However, the actual situation is not so. Because if repair shop owner in order to make money, even if run after thirty thousand km is a new brake pads, repair shop also can give you change, brake pads, after all, the price is not low. Actually, let old drivers give you check the thickness of the brake pads to know do you want to change, if the thickness of the brake pads have no less than a third of the finger abdomen, you don't have to change; On the other hand, the thickness is less than a third of the finger abdomen, then must be replaced. Look again at the brake disc, the replacement of spare parts and brake pads, not judged according to the distance, but according to judge the degree of wear of brake disc. At the same time, the brake disc wear and owners driving habits also has a lot to do at ordinary times, if the driving habits at ordinary times is good, the brake disc must wear less. On the contrary, bad driving habits, brake disc may have run the repair shop said I have to change. Besides, a more specific criterion, if the brake disc of the lateral dent more than 2 mm, it must be replaced in time. Finally look at the brake fluid, brake oil dirty don't dirty and brake has nothing to do, but some repair shop directly tell the owner, brake oil dirty has to be replaced, it is nonsense. Check the brake fluid, mainly to see if in the brake oil gas, in simple terms, when on the brake pedal, the car directly lock, the ABS is no longer work, then will detect brake oil, if have spirit, quickly replaced. In short, repair shop all can't take it seriously, after all these repair shop profit by living, especially the parts more carefully about road safety.
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